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How To Get Rid Of Film On Headlights

Car owners like to keep their ride clean and free of dirt. Any car enthusiast will do everything in their power to keep their car stay like when they first bought it. This includes a lot of maintenance on the body, engine, and every single part of the vehicle. Of course, no matter how careful they are, there will always be things that they’ll miss. For instance, they might not know that their will to keep their car looking new would be the very cause of such problems. That isn’t to say that they are neglecting proper car maintenance, but there are things that are quite unnoticeable, especially when they aren’t looking for them. One of those things is headlight problems. The headlight is the last thing anyone would look since it rarely shows problems. But it does not mean that headlights are exempted from damage. For example, a common problem vehicle owners face is film on headlights.

Film on headlights is one of the most overlooked automobile problems by car owners. One would usually look for fender benders or inside damage like torn seat covers, but usually never for little things that accumulate over time. Film on headlights or headlight haze is acquired prior to the plastic light’s long exposure to the sun. It creates fog-like yellow hazes forming inside the headlights. Since plastic is vulnerable to this, it’s no surprise. Plastic has a bigger advantage than glass headlights like durability and more resistance to scratches. But one major disadvantage was this: film on headlights. Given more time, they can completely fog up headlights until they become dim and to the point where they need to be replaced. This article will show you how to get rid of film on headlights, before you get rid of your headlights.

Clean up the area

Dip a soft cloth into a mixture of car shampoo and water in a bucket. Use the dipped cloth to wash the headlights gently. This will remove the first barrier such as debris, bugs, or dirt. They will cause the film to grow worse as well as distorting the look.

Use the painter’s tape to tape off the area around the lights

Use tape to cover the area surrounding the headlights. This is to prepare for a more delicate operation in which if it goes over your headlights, the paintjob might suffer. SO be sure to secure the area around your headlights so you will not end up with more problems.

Use the polycarbonate polishing compound

The polycarbonate polishing compound can be found in your local automotive supply store. Use the polycarbonate polishing compound by placing some into a soft cloth. Upon preparation, be careful not to spill some on the paint as they can deteriorate it, making a bigger trouble to begin with. Using the compound you just prepared, rub it into the headlight in circular motion from two up to three minutes. After that, wipe away the residue with a separate clean and soft cloth. Again, be careful when handling the compound since it can damage the paint.

Repeat as necessary

Make as many coats of the rubbing compound as you have to until the film is removed. After the rigorous rubbing, rinse the compound away with water and begin to remove the painter’s paint. You now have a set of film free headlights.

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