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How to Get Rid of Gagging Cough

Cough itself is a very disturbing and annoying condition. Your throat feel like super dry and the coughing seems to be endless. Now imagine that and wanting to gag every time you cough—now that a nightmare. Gagging cough is triggered by an involuntary response of your body to expel the mucus. Gagging is one of the mechanism in which you throat would want to get rid of phlegm and other irritants that is present there.

To get rid of the gagging, getting rid of the cough in the first place should be your number one priority. Once you cough starts to heal, gagging will be less frequent too. Here are some tips to help you with your cough:

Warm liquids

Avoid drinking any cold beverage as it may complicate and harden your phlegm. That would mean that mucus will build-up more often thus gagging will be more frequent. Try to drink warm water throughout the course of this condition. If you aren’t comfortable with that, tap water will do. You can also try to drink hot tea or milk just to have a variety of drinks. Lastly, remember to complete the required 8 glasses of water. It can help you detoxify your body.


If you have a heater, run the water continuously until it creates a steam. After that, just stay inside the room while constantly inhaling the steam. You can also have a warm bath if you wish to help you relax. You can also pour hot water in a bowl or mug and cover it with a towel. Uncover it and try to inhale as much steam as possible and the cover it back. You can add mint leaves to have a soothing effect.  Steam is a great way to move things around in the throat.  Since a gagging throat is due to having something lodged in your throat, this steam can help loosen things up.

Avoid eating too much

If your stomach is full, that will trigger gagging during coughing. Just make sure that you have enough food. Also, try to sit up straight after eating to alleviate coughing and of course gagging.

Over the counter medicine

There are a lot of great brand name medicines that are available over the counter.  Medicine such as Mucinex and Tylenol PM can help not only numb your throat so that you don’t have a gagging cough, but this can also help with letting you get rest at night.  The problem with this type of cough is that it can be rather hard to sleep at night.

High fowler’s during sleep

There are instances that coughing is much more intense when at night. That is because most of the types of coughs are normally nocturnal. So, what you have to do is to be in a high fowler’s position of semi fowler’s position when sleeping. A high fowler’s position is when you are like in a sitting position (90 degrees) while a semi fowler’s is more like a 45 degree angle from your bed and you back. These kinds of position will prevent gagging while coughing.

What worked for you?

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