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How To Get Rid of Garden Snakes

Snakes are very good in hiding. Most of the gardeners will not see any snakes around but they will distinguish the spot of their presence via the discarded skin left. Most of the snakes have the skin similar with their environment. Garden snakes are known to have been scared of human and larger animals. They are usually associated as harmless snakes that can be found in the garden.

There are around hundreds of snakes and not all of them are considered venomous. These creatures can climb trees and can go around the garden with great agility. Snakes are cold blooded animals and they love the sun that keeps them warm. Garden snakes hunt in the garden using their senses of smell, touch and their tongues to feel the heat of their prey. Rodents, rats that play havoc in the garden are eaten by mature garden snakes. Naturally, we are afraid of them as they are to us, so here are some tips to get rid of garden snakes.

Make your garden snake-proof

The cracks should be repaired together with the holes around the garden to get rid of the snakes. Never let bushes grow and other plants that will attract snakes. Keep the lawns neatly cut and never leave pile of rocks, leaves and wood in the garden. Since the snakes need cover for protection then never leave wood or brush piles for more than a month.

Remove the food source of the garden snake

The favorite foods of garden snakes are rodents, owls, raccoons, crows, hawks and insects. The population of their favorite food should be under control.  If possible, consider placing a fence around your yard or even the garden to help prevent other animals from getting in.

Presence of sulfur in the garden

Shakes don’t like the presence of sulfur from a garden center and this method will keep them away.  The sulfur solution can be purchased from a local nursery and apply them at the borders of the garden.  Continue to do this on a weekly basis to ensure that the sulfur doesn’t wash away from rain.

Making a fence around the garden and have it screened

A fence should be constructed with a heavy galvanized screen. The fence should be three feet wide with quarter inch mesh. It is a typical way of prohibiting snakes from entering your area.

Proper lawn maintenance

Garter snakes, universally known as garden snakes, feed on earthworms, tiny salamanders or lizards, little fishes, or the occasional undersized birds. Garden snakes also fancy inhabiting warm damp areas. This makes your garden a good breeding ground for garden snakes.

To steer clear of garden snakes, maintain a trimmed lawn. Make sure your lawn maintains roughly a two inches or shorter height. Garter snakes are fond of hiding and thus prevent them from populating your yard. Shrubs and bushes are an excellent hiding area for garden snakes. You should take out the bushes, especially those that are likely to be truly weighty and mature near the ground. If your want bushes or shrubs in your yard, select those that develop taller from the ground and hold them back free of grass and mulch beneath.

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