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How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath

Bad breath is commonly caused by a lot of reasons. But mostly, our food intake gets the biggest contributor to our breath. Garlic breath on the other hand is a very obvious one. It is caused when you eat garlic or dishes that have lots of garlic… PERIOD. Garlic is a well-known ingredient that would enhance different kind of dishes. It also has a lot of health benefits. There is just one major problem—it can make your breath like the last breath that anybody (including you) would like to smell.

Garlic contains Allicin in it. It will then be broken down into Hydrogen Sulphide when ingested (this cause the foul smell) and will be digested. Once digested, its unstable oil/s into is carried into our bloodstream. As we all know, blood is circulated in our lungs—this is where the odor stays and can be part of your breath for up to 72 hours. That is 3 days of bad breath! But no worries, there are certainly ways on how to neutralize the strong odor of garlic. The best part is that all you have to do is to eat/drink something else to counteract the strong odor of the garlic. A no-brainer and very easy to do:

Parsley and other fresh herbs

If you are in a gathering and you can’t simply resist a certain dish with lots of garlic in it (although you are 100% sure that your breath will stink afterwards), you just have to make sure that you have parsley on handy.  This is very easy as herbs are frequently used as garnish. All you have to do is to chew some parsley as soon as you finish eating. This would be very effective as it has high level of chlorophyll that works as a breath freshener. You can also have fennel, cardamom, peppermint, spearmint, tarragon, coriander or even rosemary can give you the same results.

Drink some tea

This is another easy antidote to garlic breath as this is available in restaurants and even just in your home (or even your friend’s home). You can sip a cup of tea as soon as you are done eating. Green tea is most favoured in this kind of situation. It will aid you wash away the garlic oil that are lingering in your mouth and teeth. Also, you can drink mint tea if you have that available. A regular tea would work as well but green and mint teas are by far the most effective.

For several people, the scent of garlic can be rather an enthralling fragrance, but for others, it can be ghastly specifically when it hailed from somebody else’s mouth. Garlic breath must be dealt with immediately not to allow its stench go on hanging around your mouth. There are numerous means do away with the garlicky scent in your breath.

A cup of hot tea can aid to garlic breath removal. Since most restaurants have hot tea on their menu, you can acquire one once you’re done eating. Green tea is highly ideal as this will support in washing off the garlic oil that lingers in your mouth and on your teeth. One more alternative is mint tea as it is effective like that of the green tea. Any kind of tea will in fact do.


It is also found whole milk can reduce the strong concentration of garlic. Water as the main component of milk and the fat content will wash away the smelly remnants of garlic. Although it has been proven that adding milk to the dish is more effective, drinking it after eating can be of help too.


It has been known that the acidity of lemon can help get rid of your garlic breath. It’s as simple as eating a wedge of lemon. You can also try a fresh lemon juice but just make sure that it’s real lemonade.

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