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How to Get Rid of Garter Snakes

From the Pacific to the Atlantic coast, garter snakes are one of the most widely distributed type of snake across the North America. Because of it garter-like pattern on their sides, they are called garter snakes. Their appearance helps them to blend in their surroundings thus making them less visible when moving to hunt for food. Although some of them grow to almost 135cm, most of them grow until 60 to 80 cm in length only. Thamnophis sirtali, its scientific name varies in colors—some are green, gray and almost black.

Snakes are always associated with fear. However, there is nothing to be scared about when it comes to garter snakes. Their diet ranges from earthworms, small salamanders, frogs, small fish and sometimes small birds. Their first instinct when they see a threat to them (like humans) is to hide. The only time that they attempt to bite is when they are being picked up. Also, they will release a foul-smelling liquid (called musk) as their form of defence. However, despite their harmless nature, they are still being feared because in our minds, they are still snakes—dangerous. So, if you are still convinced to get rid of them, these are some tips:

Trim your lawn

Since it is the nature of snakes to hide, make sure that you don’t make your lawn as their hiding ground. Make sure to keep you lawn as short as two inches (or even shorter). This way, they will not attempt to visit your lawn. Also, try to have a fence line to discourage them from going near your lawn.

Pest control

Since you are knowledgeable of their diet, all you have to do is to eradicate those in your lawn. Their diet usually consists of earthworms, insects, frogs and the like. If you are able to make your lawn a pest-free zone it just goes that it would be a garter snake-free lawn too. This would be more manageable as garter snakes are really hard to catch.  If you can catch them, simply pick one up and transport it a few miles away from your home. If you want to find a pest control company in your local area, consider using website services such as

Remove the bushes

Again, bushes and shrubs are perfect hiding places for garter snakes. If they can spot a place where they can hide while they find their food, they will really be there. So, make sure that all bushes and shrubs are gone. However if you really prefer to have them, just make sure that they grow higher off the ground that they don’t touch the grass.


If you don’t like the idea of trimming your grass on a weekly basis or even removing the shrubs that are around your home, consider placing mothballs where you think the snake may be laying around.  The smell of these moth balls will not only deter these snakes, it will more than likely keep them from coming back to your yard.  Remember that these moth balls can be rather poisonous so it’s best to keep them away from younger children.  Another tip that tends to work is garlic.  Many gardeners swear by this.

  1. Tapan Shah Said,

    The first thing that one can do is keep the area around their homes clear of clutter. Things like logs, wooden piles should not be available. These are the perfect hiding places for garter snakes. Trim grass around your home. Also it is believed that snakes are pissed off by sulfur powder. Sprinkle some sulfur powder areas that are frequently visited by garter snakes.

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