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How to Get Rid of Grout Haze on Tile

If you can see a semi-white haze on tiles that have been newly grouted, tendency is, you diligently wipe the hazy spots. Then you realized that simply wiping isn’t going to solve your problem. That is definitely something to be alarmed about (especially if you are not used to this kind of stuff). Grout hazes are organic materials within the grout. This is somehow a natural and normal thing after you have your tiles grouted. Because of the smeared grout is smeared with a rubber float, it causes the tiles to have hazes on them. Unless your tiles are sealed, this may probably a natural problem.

In this kind of situation, you may need more than just wiping it out. So, here are a few tips:

Grout haze cleaner

First thing first, a grout haze cleaner is not the same as grout cleaner. This is mainly for grout hazes on your tiles. Three things are needed: a ground haze cleaner, rubber float and a big-sized sponge (as big as a paperback book). So, if you do have all those with you, what you have to do first is to pull out as much grout as you can with a rubber float. Next, dampen the sponge and try to remove all the grout out. Finally, use the grout haze cleaner. Make sure to follow the product’s instructions. It may ask you to mix a couple of things before you can use it.

Once you find your freshly-grouted tiles to somehow have this semi-white haze, you are likely to thoroughly mop the hazy specks. In case you still don’t know, a mere wipe isn’t the solution.

First and foremost, know that a grout haze cleaner is different from a grout cleaner. Next to know are the three key items required: a ground haze cleaner, rubber float and a big-sized sponge. Hence, if you already have them on-hand, then proceed to heaving out as much grout as you possibly can using the rubber float. Then, moisten the sponge and attempt to take out every grout. Lastly, employ the grout haze cleaner. Be certain that you go by the product’s usage directions. You may need to blend a few ingredients initially before using.

Home-made grout spray solution

This solution is just as potent as the ones you get in the hardware stores. Make sure that you have the following things: 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup ammonia, 1 cup baking soda, 2 quarts of water and a spray bottle. Mix everything thoroughly. Remember to wear gloves as you are working with ammonia which can harm your skin. Afterwards, just pour the solution into your spray bottle and it’s ready for use. Using a rag or maybe a sponge, apply the grout haze solution. Leave the solution for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly.


Now for grout hazes that are quite challenging to remove, you might need a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Using either the grout haze remover or the home-made grout spray solution, apply it again to the tiles. Leave it for a few minutes. Afterwards, suck it up using your wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Finally, rinse to get rid of the remaining solutions and you’re done.

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