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How to Get Rid of Hair Dye Stains

Hair dye stains are not simple stains at all. Just imagine that these products can change your hair’s color permanently. They have unique chemicals that make the color stay on your hair. However, would it have the same results if it would go to our skin or your clothes? I hope not. Just imagine your hairline or your ears with dye stains. Now that’s not pretty.

Aside from being very careful when dying your hair, there are certain tips on how to get rid of dye stains of ever you will have this kind of stain accident. Lucky for you, there are still ways to remove those hideous stains and just enjoy your new hair color.

On your skin (forehead or ears)

Stains on your forehead after using or applying hair dyes are sometimes inevitable. One way to prevent this from happening is to apply petroleum jelly across your hairline, your ears and nap area. This stays as a protective shield from the unwanted dye stains on those areas. However, if the damage has been done, here are some quick, somewhat weird but effective tips to try:

On your clothes

What worked for you?

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