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How to Get Rid of Hamster Fleas

Hamsters are nocturnal rodents that are known by its greater inclination towards activity by night rather than by day. They belong to Cricetinae that contains around 25 species classified into six classifications. They are considered to be antisocial and must be kept alone in order to avoid fights with injurious outcome. They only way for them to be brought together is in connection with mating. While fleas on the other hand, are highly specialized bloodsucking parasites. They rely on blood as their food and nutrition but they can also survive for several months without it. We will be dealing on how to get rid of hamster fleas and these are the following:

Destroying the habitat of the fleas affecting the hamsters

Fleas live in hamster as their host, but egg can be left on the both of them and the host’s bedding. The eggs can be found at clothes, carpets, cars or anywhere the host visits. The first thing to do is to clean everything that comes in contact with the infested animals in order to remove all of the eggs leading to mass infestation. With the use of soap, it will kill eggs, larvae, pupae and adults.

Removing the fleas with the use of a vacuum

Everything should be vacuumed from carpets, furniture’s, cracks in the floor and bare floors. In this manner, the eggs are caught but the larvae will latch onto carpets fibers and stay on it. After doing this procedure, all of the particles collected should be placed inside a plastic bag and thrown away. They should be vacuumed daily to get rid of the remaining eggs to hatch.

The beddings of the hamster should always be clean

The bedding of the hamster should always be clean and easily to remove. Put a towel where the hamster likes to lounge and wash them as often as you can until the fleas are gone. When picking up the linens, it should be done with care in order not to spill the flea eggs that can be found in the soiled towels.

Products on the market

There are many various hamster flea products on the market.  These can usually be in the form of a powder or even a spray.  These sprays will be sprayed on the body and once the spray has been applied, the hamster will be protected from fleas in the future.  Depending on the brand of the flea spray,  it may have to be applied every six to eight weeks.

Flea Powder

Since hamsters don’t usually go outside the house, so they don’t often acquire fleas. But they can at times get affected from your other pets. Under such circumstances, you’ll want to divest your hamsters of the fleas immediately. Nevertheless, any of the medications intended for other larger animals should not be employed on your hamsters for it can result to a bad response because of their small size.

Apply flea powder specifically for small rodents to the hamster and the bedding. Kitten flea-powder may also be safe, but confirm with your veterinarian first. Go by the specific directions on the containers. You typically dust a minuscule quantity of powder onto the animal’s fur and sweep off any surplus amount using a toothbrush or some other little brush, as well as dusting the bedding.

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