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How to Get Rid of Hamster Smells

Hamsters are absolutely adorable. They are fun pets and they are not hard to take care of. You just have to get them a nice and spacious cage, provide them with food and if you can add a mini recreational device. They are very low maintenance but are really worth having for.

However, like any other animals, hamster smell is almost impossible to **. The odor can come from four sources: the cage, their waste, uneaten food and the hamster itself. So if you feel that the smell is disturbing already, kindly check these four categories and see where you failed to clean. Here are a few reminder and tips for you to get rid of the hamster smell.

Clean the cage

Their cage is their only space and home. They stay there all the time so might as well give them the decency of a clean cage. Check for any remains of food, waste or any other cause of the smell. It is preferred to clean the cage at least twice a day. Take the hamster out of the cage as well as all its contents. Clean it with a simple water and soap action. If ever the smell is too strong that it won’t disappear here are two other tips:

Wipes for your hamster

Since hamsters naturally clean themselves, you just have to additional measures.  Use non-scented wipes or just moist a soft towel and gently run it through your hamster. Afterwards, use a dry cloth to wipe the excess moist.

Create your own cleaner

A great home remedy that one can use in order to clean a cage is by blending oatmeal in a coffee grinder.  Once this oatmeal turns into a flour, simply place it on a cloth and rub the hamster.  The smells are often due to the hamster or a cage that is dirty.  By cleaning your hamster with this oatmeal concoction and cleaning the cage, the smell will go away 99% of the time.


There are many various products on the web that have very high reviews.  These products are generally in the form of wipes or even a spray.  Simply follow the directions on these products and continue to use them on a weekly basis.  Just like a home, if you fail to clean up, things can get dirty rather quickly.  The same can be said about a hamster cage.  Some of these popular cleaners include Nature’s Miracle, Critter Habitat Cleaner and many more.

What worked for you?

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