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How to Get Rid of Hand Calluses

Calluses are part of the skin that became toughened and thick due to frequent pressure and repeated use. For other people, they get conscious when other people touched their callused skin. Guitarists, weightlifters, construction workers and even online gamers have calluses on their hands. Having calluses is not the main cause of embarrassment but women of today have a standard like having a soft skin. Calluses are not really harmful and it is the way of our body to defend our skin from pressure and friction. The rest of the texts are the ways on how to get rid of hand calluses:

Soaking the affected area with warm water for ten minutes

Warm water will help to soften the tough part of the affected area. Make use of a pumice stone to remove the callus.  Keep doing this each day and you’ll see great improvements after a few days of doing so.

Wearing comfortable shoes or any footwear

The shoes should not restrict your feet like sardines and it is one of the best options to get rid of calluses. If a person is wearing tight shoes then it creates friction that make up calluses. Wearing the right shoe size will allow your feet to breath space and gives comfort. It is important to keep in mind that pressure and friction should be avoided at all times to get rid of calluses.

Wearing of protective gear against calluses

People who work as construction worker are very prone to have calluses because of the nature of their job. Wearing gloves will make them comfortable plus the fact it will lessen the chances of having calluses. The gloves should be of right size because wearing loose gloves will cause hand irritation and may create friction. Make sure the palms are not exposed because it will not only give you calluses but also blisters in your hands.

Regular use of moisturizer on the affected areas

There are number of moisturizers available in the market that can help to soften the skin and get rid of calluses. There are also moisturizers intended to get rid of calluses especially those that contain lactic acid or urea.

Try taking an Aspirin

Take 4 to 6 Aspirin tablets and crush them into a little powder.  You’ll then want to mix it with a half teaspoon of water and lemon juice.  Take the paste and apply it to a towel.  You’ll then want to wrap this towel around your hand to soften it up.  After 20 minutes, take the towel off and scrub away with a pumice stone.

Soak your hands with Epson salt

Grab a big enough bowl where you can soak your hands.  Fill up the bowl with luke warm water and apply a tablespoon of Epson salt into the water.  Soak your hands for around 5 minutes and continue to do so each day until you see results that you’re satisfied with.

Wrap your hand with petroleum jelly

Apply some petroleum jelly such as Vaseline on saran wrap.  You’ll then want to wrap your hands in the saran wrap so that it’s tight enough to not fall off.   Either wear the wrap overnight, or you can do it throughout the day.  Just like the Epson salt, you’ll want to continue to do so on an daily basis.


Calluses are portions of the skin that resulted as hardened and chunky from continuous strain and contact. For others, having callused skin, particularly on their hands or spots that are often touched or seen, can make anyone extremely ill at ease.

In order to get rid of callused hand, crush five or six tablets of aspirin and blend them with half a teaspoon of lemon juice and water. Put the resulting paste to the affected area, then bind it with a warm towel and coat it with a plastic bag. Let it sit that way for roughly ten minutes and unwrap. Chafe off the calluses using a pumice stone. Don’t ever attempt to go for this method if you’re diabetic and if you’re sensitive to aspirin.

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