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How to Get Rid of Hard Whiteheads

Anything that can grow on your face may be one of your worst nightmares. For one, it is almost impossible to hide them—unless you wear a mask or stay at home for a couple of days. Whiteheads are commonly a result of clogged sebum or oil inside your pore/s. while the sebum is trapped inside, it then turns white because of lack of oxidation.

Whiteheads are commonly associated to people who have oily skin. Most of the natural oil that their face produces with the aid of dead skin cells and bacteria, whiteheads can be visible in no time. These white, tiny and raised spot can be usually seen on the cheekbone area, around your nose and forehead. Notice that the spots they choose are the ones that produce more oil. Although they are not as dreadful as pimples, they can be annoying and can grow in numbers if you don’t put much attention to it.

Wash your face everyday

Since dirt and bacteria can cause whiteheads, it is very important that you know the essence of washing your face daily to keep it clean. Basically, you should wash your face with warm water at least twice a day. You can use a mild soap (no scent) or your preferred facial wash. For guys, (yes, guys can have these too) you can wash your face after shaving. While you still have your soap on, gently massage your face with you middle and ring fingertips. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly then pat your face to dry. Rule is to never apply drastic force—so no rubbing with your face towel. This way, your face stays clean and it will prevent whiteheads from coming back.

All Natural Acne Removal Cream

Whiteheads are the tiny white pimples on your body caused by the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands which move across the sebaceous duct and amasses in the hair follicles. The blend of fats and waxes referred to as sebum gets locked in once the pores are obstructed and the concoction becomes white or yellowish in color. Whiteheads appear as small hard bulges on the surface of the skin making it uneven.

Why don’t you consider an efficient cream to divest you of blackheads, you might want to consider the use of an all natural acne removal cream that can aid you with eliminating blackheads. As opposed to most acne products, all natural acne removal creams do not entail benzoyl peroxide ingredients which can be harmful to your skin.

Steam and exfoliate

Always remember: warm water or heat will cause our pores to open and cold water will cause our pores to close. Since white heads are trapped inside your pores, you would want to loosen it up. What you can do is to boil water and allow the steam to touch your face—not too close because that would hurt. Just maintain a distance wherein you will be able to tolerate the heat. You can even use a thin cloth to protect your face.

TIP: The best steam that you can use is the steam when you are cooking rice because it gives you the perfect temperature. Once the rice is already cooked, open the pot and let the steam touch your face.

After a good 10-15 minutes of the steam power, your pores have already loosened up a bit. Now it’s time to exfoliate your skin with a scrub or any exfoliate of your choice. Gently but surely, try to go to every spot where the whiteheads are. Lastly, apply your choice of toner. That would generally close your pores to avoid anything to go inside again. If you don’t have a toner, simply wash your face using cold water.

Egg white & honey

Here’s another way to deal with your whiteheads. Mix 1 tsp. of honey and the egg white of 1 egg. Make sure that you beat this mixture thoroughly. Apply all over your face, concentrating more on your cheeks, nose and forehead. This acts like a face mask so let it dry up for about 10 to 15 minutes—the longer the better. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly. Honey is a natural exfoliant and the egg white will harden the whiteheads so it’s easier for them to get rid of them. You can reapply the mixture 3 times a week but never do this everyday.

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