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How to Get Rid of Haze on Headlights

Haze usually occurs over time because of the plastic in which headlights are made. Haze is described as a condition that develops due to an exposure to the different elements. Particularly the polycarbonate that made up the headlights that cause yellow and hazy reflection when exposed to sunlight. We all want to get rid of hazy headlights and the following are the most effective ways on how to get rid of haze on headlights:

Purchasing sandpaper

When doing a lot of car work then it is suggested to purchase sandpaper in bulk since it is used often and you can save this way. The entire car doesn’t need to be washed but you have to make sure that headlights are already wet and scrubbed. It is also highly suggested that when you do sanding, good flowing water is a must. Moderate pressure and circular motion should be applied. If a soapy stuff starts to accumulate then add more water.

Use toothpaste

Yes, with the use of toothpaste is another option on how to get rid of hazy headlights. If a drill buffer is not available, then the use of toothpaste can make it happen. The toothpaste will be buff into the headlight.

Headlights on all models of contemporary cars are manufactured with plastic headlights. These polycarbonate lights are extra abrasion and damage defiant and will endure a lot longer as opposed to glass used on older car models. Past the long years of sun exposure, haze on headlights will start to appear. You can rid your headlights of this haze not having to spend much for a professional’s expertise.

Combine 3 parts toothpaste and 1 part baking soda. Completely mold and blend the paste. Employ the resulting paste mix to the headlights glass using a supple polishing rag in small circular movement. Rub the polish to disintegrate tarnished specks. Go on polishing until there’s no filth left to take out. Totally wash using soap and water thereafter. Wipe the headlights clean using a towel. You will notice a clear headlight lenses.

Protecting the area around the headlights

The headlight should be protected with the use of painter’s tape to mask around the lenses. The tape will protect the headlight from harmful materials.  There are various products on the market that can act as covers for the headlights.  Just make sure that these headlight covers are legal in your local city.

Using of polishing products

The faded headlight should be restored by cleaning and removing all the loose and bonded dirty particles. A plastic polishing product should then be used to polish the lenses. The surrounding paintwork should be protected to prevent plastic polish from damaging it. The plastic polishing can be done manually or by the aid of a machine.

Applying number of compounds on the lens

Applying a number of compounds on the lens can get rid of scratches. This is done by getting a rag and with a light rubbing. The steps should be repeated a few times and if it does not solve the problem, then the compound is not good enough.

What worked for you?

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