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How to Get Rid of Identity Theft

Identify theft is defined as a crime of cheating where the criminal obtains personal information like driver’s license number, Social Security number in order to assume other person’s identity. The victim of this crime can suffer negative consequences made by the perpetrator. The obtained information can be used to obtain merchandise, credit and services using the victim’s name.

There are two kinds of identity theft namely true name theft and account take over. When we talk about account take over means that the imposter uses the stolen personal information to gain access to the person’s existing accounts. True name identity refers to the act where the thief uses personal information to open new accounts. In order engage in this kind of situations, the following are the ways on how to get rid of identity theft:

Choosing a good password and PIN

When choosing a password, it is important to choose a password that no one could guess and password not related to your personal information. Never use a single password for all of your accounts and make some variations.

Identify theft is characterize to be a swindling crime where the felon acquires personal data like driver’s license number, Social Security number to take someone else’s identity. The gathered facts can be utilized to shop, acquire credit and get services via the casualty’s name. The two types of identity theft are true name theft and account take over. Account take over refers to stolen personal data being utilized to get access to the person’s present accounts. True name identity is a case where the imposter uses personal facts to start new accounts.

When selecting a password, it is vital to opt for a password that no one could ever predict and a password that is in no way connected to your personal info. Don’t ever utilize a one password for each one of your accounts and create some distinctions.

Never give out your personal information especially to strangers

It is not suggested that you will just give your personal information to anybody. Giving out of information will lead to different trouble like identity theft. Whenever you are in public, never give out your information because someone might have been listening and will make use of the information against you.

Monitor your outstanding account balance regularly

Monitoring the bank statements will be of help in order to check if there are irregularities going on.  There are many professional credit monitoring services that you can consider online such as Lifelock.  These companies are going to monitor your credit report, and if anything fishy does arise, you will find that they will alert you.

To be careful and vigilant at any means

When someone calls you via the telephone that offers you something then later ask for your personal details, you have to be careful. Ask the caller to give you written application form instead of doing it online. If they refused, then tell them you are not interested with the offer.

Watching over your important belongings

Watching over your personal belongings is one of the effective ways to get rid of identity theft. Never carry your credit cards inside the wallet unless you are going to use it.

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