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How to Get Rid of Insulation Itch

Working with different materials can have an effect on our body; these effects vary depending on the type of materials we are working on. Most people experience irritation on the skin since this is the first line of contact whenever we work on something. The tiny particles that can penetrate our skin can cause allergic reactions.

One such material that can cause itchiness in our body is fiberglass insulation. When we work on this particular material, the tiny particles can seep into our skin which can cause rashes and itchiness. The good news is that there are no long term side effects when this happens to use.

Although it doesn’t present any dangerous threat, making sure that proper precautions are taken to avoid getting irritation from insulation. Fortunately when this is acquired though, you will be able to easily take care of this without a hitch. Just follow the steps in ridding yourself of insulation itch.

Wear protective gear

We need to prevent from acquiring this allergic reaction if we keep our bodies from being exposed to the substance. It is important to wear gas masks, goggles and any protective clothing that will cover your skin, avoiding particles from getting to it.

Remove articles of clothing

Once you get home, it will be a good idea to remove your clothing and make sure that they do not mix with other pieces of clothes as they can be contaminated as well. Make sure that you soak the clothes in cold water so that the particles will separate themselves.

Take a cold shower

Immediately take a shower if you suspect that you have acquired irritants in your body. Rinsing your body with water helps the particles to be removed from your body while soaping it will help it slide off the skin further.

Steam bath will make you sweat

Perspiration is a way our body gets rid of water to cleanse itself. Sweat is released through the skin pores where the particles reside. By getting into a steam bath, our body will sweat which then will push out the insulation particles causing the allergic reaction that blocks the pores. 

Apply lubricants or creams

After you shower, you may want to apply lotion to your body as this will help insulation particles to slide off of your skin. You can also apply creams such as cortisone cream as the effect will be the same.

Do not scratch

Itchiness can be irritating especially if they are very stubborn and just won’t go away. Whatever you do though, try not to rub your skin as the insulation particles will have a tendency to go deeper into the pores which can make them harder to get rid of.

Visit a professional

If you feel that you can’t stand the itchiness and the allergy might be getting worst, it is highly suggested to visit a dermatologist so that they will be able to provide you a better solution. Since they are experts in these conditions, the medicines that they will provide can prove much more effective rather than attempting self medication.

Also, your dermatologist can confirm what type of medicines you can use to prevent further acquiring allergens that can worsen the scenario. Aside from the usual medicines, the doctor will be able to provide you with helpful tips and suggestions to avoid acquiring insulation itch.

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