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How to Get Rid of iPhone Scratches

The latest and long standing iPhone is probably one of the most sought after gadget in today’s generation. It has a lot of benefits, has a lot of benefit and user-friendly. It may be a little pricy but for most of the people seem to be satisfied with where their money went.

Like most of the gadgets, iPhone also has its downside. One very problem that seems to be inevitable is the scratches. As much as you don’t want any marks on your precious phone, it is not scratch-free and there are some unforeseen circumstances that you can’t control. For example, you leave you iPhone inside your pocket together with your keys or coins. Friction is generally the enemy of any metallic gadgets. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of them:

Scratch remover solutions

This is mainly for minor scratches. Some of these scratches are just superficial and are not impossible to get rid of.  Up to date there are a lot of scratch remover that have claimed to get rid of scratches. So far, these three are the most effective among all of them. First is the Podshop iDrops which comes in a kit form. Second is the iPhone 3G Scratch Removal Cleaning Care Kit. This kit is a cleaning agent and a scratch remover as well. Lastly, they have the Bezel Blaster. This will help you get rid of minor and superficial abrasions, scratches and blemishes on your iPhone. Now, just a reminder: these scratch remover solutions are not magic. Unless the scratches are minor which means that they are just on the surface, they won’t get off. Just make sure to read the instructions first and follow everything in the guide.

Seek for professional help

If the scratches are more than what you can say minor, you obviously need something else. Major scratches and abrasions are harder to get rid of. You might want to visit a professional repair shop. They are more experienced with this kind of problems. Also, if you have extra money, it’s best to buy part replacements. Then try to prevent this from happening again by using protectors like rubber, plastic or even leather cases.

Fine Sandpaper

You can utilize a fine grit sandpaper to burnish out and eliminate heaps of the minor scratches on an iPhone case. It is a procedure that is rather analogous to the toothpaste, but you will need to be more careful in using the appropriate type of sandpaper, 1200+ grains prove to be quite effective according to several suggestions and encounters all throughout the country. You will wind up using up 30 minutes or beyond to actually make it seem fine.

Rubbing thoroughly is a no-no. Keep in mind that you are attempting to only buff up the scratches out of the outside covering of the iPhone. It is an inexpensive procedure and is not so time-consuming, particularly if you have no plans of switching phones in the near future.

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