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How to Get Rid of iPod Touch Apps

Apple has released so many gadgets that has its own unique style. They have the iPhone, iPad and iPod. They have their own use and specialty which makes them unique in their own way. One of the sub-gadgets that they have is under iPod which is called the iPod Touch. Apple released this hoping that they will cater to those who love music and movies and attract them into thinking that they can have that anywhere. They are absolutely right. iPod Touch is a revolutionized gadget in the audio-visual market.

It is more of more high-tech MP3 player. It has a media center with a complete video playback feature. Also, it also has the ability to store and run applications. There is a huge selection of applications that is readily available to download—mostly, for free. However, there will be instances that you may want to delete some application if you think you don’t need them anymore. Here are some easy steps that you can follow:

Using your iPod Touch

There are applications that you can just delete using your iPod Touch especially those applications that you had from the App Store. All you have to do is to have your iPod Touch ready and go directly to Menu then Applications. From there locate the application/s that you want to remove. Just simply hold the icon down and you will eventually see that the screen will shake. After that, you will be prompted with a box asking you if you want to delete. With that, just choose Delete. Also, if you have other applications that you want to get rid of that aren’t in the Application section, just simply go to the Manage section.

Using iTunes software

Another way is through the iTunes software in your computer. All you need is your iPod Touch and a USB cable. Connect you iPod Touch to your computer and load the iTunes Software. After that, open the iTunes program. After that you will be prompted with the following choices which will be on the left side: Games, Apps and Extra Tabs. Choose Apps and then locate the application that you want to delete. Choose that and choose delete. After that, just confirm that you want to delete by simply choosing delete again.

Tech Support

There are some instances that some applications are really hard to get rid of. After trying the first two options mentioned above and still not able to delete, you can call the iPod Touch Tech Support to assist you. They are very much trained with this kind of stuff and they will be able to help you with your problem.

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