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How to Get Rid of Iron in Well Water

Well water is used by any homes as a source of their water for everyday use. Normally, there will be traces or Iron in your water. These are naturally occurring organisms. They survive as they are recipients of energy from oxidizing ferrous iron into insoluble ferric iron. When this phenomenon happens, it will leave discoloration in your water which is very unpleasant to see or worst, drink it.

While Iron and other Iron substances are known to be harmful to human beings, most of the homeowners would want to get rid of it. It is very unpleasant to see and it looks very unhygienic. Who would want to drink discolored water, right? Fortunately, there are still ways to get rid of this element and bring back the natural clear-color water that you have always had.

Oxidation using Hydrogen Peroxide

Some people opt to use Hydrogen Peroxide as an oxidizer to reduce the iron to a smaller particle which is called the precipitate. With this form, it can easily be filtered from the water mechanically. Hydrogen Peroxide can be one of the best choices as this doesn’t leave any excess air in the water. Also, this oxidizer is simply made up of hydrogen and oxygen thus it doesn’t produce and harmful chlorination by-products like chlorine do. Just use a Hydrogen Peroxide System which consists of a chemical injection pump, a solution tank, an in-line static mixer and a backwashing filter to remove the iron. Using this oxidizer will ensure your well water with a 100% Iron free water.  This method is by far one of the most recommended products by all sorts of water experts.

Sequestration or Iron with polyphosphates

This method will not remove the iron in your water well but it would keep Iron in solution that would prevent it from having red or brownish stains. All you have to do is to introduce a small amount of polyphosphate into the water system. This is commonly done with a chemical injection pump and a solution tank that has a supply of the polyphosphate. You may want to ask for assistance from an expert on how to this as this may require specific calculations of the amount of polyphosphate.

Water softener

Water softener is a technique that can remove the ions that are present in your water. This is usually used to get rid of Calcium and Manganese but it can also remove Iron ions. The best way to do this process is to use a water softener unit with the specific softener such as rock salt, solar salt or evaporated salt and connect it directly to the water supply. After this process, the water will still contain all the natural minerals that it usually has and we need. It is only certain elements that were dissolved.

If you can’t afford the water softener, consider purchasing filters that can be installed on your shower heads and faucets.  These filters are a lot cheaper, but the filters will have to be changed more often.

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