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How to Get Rid of Ivy Ground Cover

Ivies are known to be one of the most notorious and invasive weeds. They grow fast and are very competitive when it comes to nutrients, water and space. They compete so much that even trees become vulnerable of being uprooted especially when there is a strong wind or flood. Moreover, Ivies can spread an entire garden which takes all the nourishment away from other plants.

Ivies are often used as ground cover. Since they can spread quickly, obviously, it’s efficient in that kind of job. They are woody, creeping vine that adapts well to many growing conditions. If you grow Ivies and then leave them unattended, they can be a real menace. Ivy ground cover is one of the toughest vine-like plants to eliminate. Take note that getting rid of them requires a lot of physical activity—so you have to be ready for that.

Spray and dig

Spring and summer time are the best time to plan for this procedure. It is on these times that they are vulnerable to herbicides because they have not yet developed its waxy layer. Choosing an herbicide which has Glyphosate is the best option. Spray the herbicide all over the new born leaves. This will allow the Glyphosate to penetrate the ivy’s root system. Don’t be disappointed when you see that there will be new growth of leaves over the next few days. Killing the ivy completely doesn’t happen overnight so expect to reapply the herbicide for a couple of weeks. Just keep track of those new growths and continue spraying the herbicide. The digging starts when you can see that the ivy changes its color to brown

When you observed that there are no new growths, cut the exterior portion of the developed leaves with the use of a rake. You can also use a weed cutter. Afterwards, re-apply the herbicide thoroughly. If you can see new growths still, just patiently spray them again with weed killers.

Smother them to death

This method might be time consuming as this may take a year or two. But if you have the luxury of time, this method is the best option and it doesn’t require a lot of physical activity. What you will need in this procedure are just a couple of black plastic bags. Spread these black plastics over the groundcovers, completely covering them all. Weight it down using rocks. After a year or two, you will see that they are all brown. By then, you can dig out all the dead roots.

Weed Killer Spray

Ground ivy is comically termed creeping Charlie and gill-over-the-ground. It’s frequently utilized as ground cover, but as its names imply it can crawl into other parts of your lawn. In springtime it indeed germinates flowers that supply food for bees, but it can be a bothersome weed. With the appropriate products and determination, you can do away with unnecessary ground ivy.

Spray a weed killer that was specialized for killing creeping Charlie. Ground ivy can be hard to eradicate, but weed killers are your wisest bet. You may need to employ the spray in spring and fall seasons as well as the occasional instances in between basing on how pushy your ivy is. Keep an eye on your lawn and observe if there are any new sprouts. If yes, heave them out and spray more weed killer.

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