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How to Get Rid of Jalapeno Burns

Jalapeno Peppers are famous for their spicy taste and their ability to enhance certain type of foods. They are very common among Mexican dishes. It is a medium-sized chilli that can really literally bring a burning sensation once it gets contact to your skin, lips or tongue. Nevertheless, many people still continue to use it in certain dishes simply because, it would never be the same without it.

The burning sensation that you feel is sometimes tolerable especially when you are used to the feeling. However, for some, the burning sensation seems so real that it feels like something is really burning. Jalapeno burns are caused by the presence of a unique chemical that is called the capsaicin. When capsaicin gets in touch with our skin or any other parts (eyes, lips, tongue), it will automatically cause a burning feeling. The more the number of seeds that you can see inside the pepper, the hotter it is. So, when you are using Jalapeno peppers, make sure that you are ready for the challenge. Also, you can read the following tips on how to get rid of Jalapeno burns:


This has got to be the best and effective way to get rid of Jalapeno burns. It has natural protein content called casein which is very powerful in dealing with the chemical capsaicin. Casein contains phosphoprotein that actually eradicates the capsaicin from the nerve receptor in our body.  All you have to do is to just use it according to the nature of the burn. Drink it if you burned your tongue or lips. If it’s on your hands or other body parts, wash the affected area with milk. You will be amazed on how effective this simple remedy can be.

Alcohol and vinegar

Since the burning agent is chemically induced, the effect can easily be counteracted by another substance. This time, if you can feel the burning sensation, wash it off with water immediately to get rid of the excess oil. Afterwards, wash the affected part in rubbing alcohol. If you don’t have that you can also use vodka (yes vodka!) or apple cider vinegar. The three choices mentioned above are able to neutralize the effect of capsaicin and eventually relieve the Jalapeno burn.

Lemon juice

It is said that the acidity of lemon juice can counteract the alkalinity of the Jalapeno burn. As soon the as the citric acid touches the chemical capsaicin, it can neutralize it and eventually ease the burning sensation. If the burn is in your mouth, use the lemon juice as a mouth wash and gargle it for a good 2 to 3 minutes. If the burn is any other parts of your body, just wash it with lemon juice.

Cold water

Although capsaicin is insoluble in water, immediate ease will be the result if you apply cold water to the affected area. By numbing the area a bit, there will be a temporary relief from the burning sensation. This is very effective especially when it us your eye that is effective. There is no other remedy as feasible as flushing your eyes with tap water or cold water.

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