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How to Get Rid of Jalapeno Stings

Jalapeno stings cause burning sensations on the affected area. This is the main problem when anyone gets stung by jalapeno. Make sure that you take proper precautionary measures when you are handling jalapenos. In this case, we can say “Prevention is INDEED better than cure”.

Use gloves

First thing is first. You have to observe utmost care in handling jalapenos. Use gloves or any protective materials that may be available, or if not, try to improvise one. Do not be overly confident for jalapenos sting know no mercy. If you are slicing or cutting jalapenos, use a cloth and never hold the jalapenos with your bare hands.

Cool it off

If you get stung by jalapeno, the burning sensation you would feel may be remedied by submerging the affected area into cold water. It may relieve the pain but only for a matter of time. It numbs the pain so you don’t feel it. It can also aid in taking the sting off.  On top of cold water, consider using citrus based foods.  Rub something such as lemon juice and let it sit for a few minutes.  Be cautious though because this can be considered a temporary solution.

Olive Oil Therapy

An olive oil is a good solution for this kind of problem. Olive oil has a very good soothing and healing properties. Never hesitate to apply some olive oil into the affected area as soon as you can. Leave it on for a few hours for a maximum effect. You should see the difference.

Aloe Vera Back Up

Consider using aloe vera gel as a back up or an alternative for the olive oil. Aloe vera has soothing and cooling effects as well. It can help relieve the pain you are feeling. It can help cool off the burning sensation.

Chilled Milk

You can submerge your affected part on chilled milk. Remember that the essence here is to minimize and eventually get rid of the burning sensation caused by the jalapeno stings. Apply the milk all over the parts where you can feel the stinging skin.

With cooking, it may be risky to use jalapeno peppers as an ingredient. The natural taste of a jalapeno can’t be beat, but achieving the intense flavor can cost you expensively. Jalapeno stings result to fiery sensations on the affected part. This is the major setback as one gets stung by jalapeno.

Dairy goods are long known to prevent burning as you consume extremely hot peppers. This is also effective for skin contact. Milk can do the trick. You can soak the affected area on refrigerated milk. Keep in mind that the goal here is to reduce and divest you of the burning sensation caused by the jalapeno stings in due course. Place the milk on every the area where you can sense the stinging skin.

No To Minty Essences

Do not encourage any application of minty things like chili, or pepper or toothpaste. It is a common mistake among people. These things may cause more burning sensation than there it is.

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