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How to Get Rid of Japanese Hornets

Japanese hornets are insects that look like giant bees. They are known to be the largest hornets in the world as they can grow as long as 2 inches and can have a 3 inches wingspan. Although their contact with humans is very minimal, once they do, they can be very dangerous. They do attack ones their nest gets disturbed. They emit a unique enzyme that is very fatal to humans. In some serious cases, their sting can dissolve bone and tissues. Also, for those who are allergic to bees, their sting can give you a strong anaphylactic shock.

There are some ways on how to get rid of them but you should be very careful as they are very aggressive when they sense that they are being attacked. Here are some tips to guide you:

Get rid of their food sources

Simple analogy: if they have no source of food, they can’t survive. Japanese hornets are fond of getting food in trash cans, compost piles and the like. So make sure that you completely make your home as garbage-free as possible. Deposit all food garbage in tin cans that are securely covered and gather your compost inside a well sealed composed bin. Also, if you can have your garbage cans and compost piles away from home, that would be perfect.

Trap them

A bucket trap is an effective trap that can be bought in any hardware stores or even garden shops. You have to mix in the following: sugar, vinegar and a few drops of dish or cloth detergent. First things first, that sugar and vinegar will surely attract the hornets. Once they dive into it, they won’t be able to escape because of the effect of the detergent; they will eventually drown and die.

The next trap is a do-it-yourself queen trap. As the name goes, this trap is for the queen hornet before it can even hive. That would eliminate the problem of hornet infestation in the first place. To start, cut a 2-liter plastic bottle all the way down (about 1/3). After that, turn the top that you have cut off upside down the place it back into the bottle. The next thing is to put a small amount of water in the bottom and then tie a piece of the food that the queen would really love—raw meat. Use a nice and strong string. This trap is perfect during the first warm weather day in your location. She can’t resist the raw meat and eventually fall into the trap.

Hornet pesticides at night

First of all, purchase a pesticide in spray cans that can shoot a long range; about 15 to 20 feet away. Ask for assistance in your local hardware stores. Also, the best time for this activity is during night time when they are all inside their nests and inactive. Make sure that you go out ready. That means that you have to wear protective clothing such as gloves, long sleeves, and eyewear and long pants— making sure that every part of you is covered. Check for the single opening in their nest then shot the spray directly inside. Be very careful as in the very slightest chance that you swing the nest and break it open, a swarm of angry Japanese hornets will be out to get you. Read the instructions carefully and together with this tip, you may come out of this sting-less.

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