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How To Get Rid Of Khapra Beetles

Beetles are one of the leading house pests today. Once they find a way to your house, you are up to a possible infestation. An example of one of the worst type of beetles that you may encounter is khapra beetle. Khapra beetles are actually cabinet beetles. From the name itself, you can guess that their number one lair is your very own cabinet, particularly, kitchen cabinet. This type of beetles particularly love to go where you store your foods so once you spot them, you should get rid of these khapra beetles right away if you do not want your groceries to go to waste.

Removing khapra beetles from your home is actually quite easy, but you have to be patient. Usually, you just have to clean up your cabinets and kill the remaining khapra beetles. So before you hire an exterminator and spend lots of cash, try this simple step-by-step method to get rid of khapra beetles.

Take out your foods and sort them

The first thing you need to do when removing khapra beetles is to take out your foods and groceries first from the kitchen cabinet. Get two clean boxes and transfer the foods and groceries to these containers. Place the non-infected groceries on one box and the infected ones on the other box. After you have sorted the foods, check out the container for the infected groceries. Check the food one by one and assess the damage. If it is too damaged, throw away the food. If it is not, place in it the refrigerator so that the remaining khapra beetle eggs will be killed.

Kill the khapra beetles

While your foods are being chilled, it is now time for you to clean up the remaining mess. You can either pick up the khapra beetles one by one or throw them in a bucket of soapy water. You can also use a vacuum to suck the khapra beetles and then, release them in the soapy water to be killed, or you can throw the vacuum bag away in a safe place away from the neighborhood.

Clean your cabinet

After you have gotten rid of the khapra beetles, you should now clean up your cabinet to remove any remaining larvae or egg and other dirt as well. Simply mix about half a bucket of water and about 2-3 teaspoons of liquid detergent. Using a sponge or brush, scrub the cabinet with this soapy solution. Once you have cleaned all the sides of the cabinet, wipe it clean with a wet rug or cloth to remove the soap residue. You can also spray some disinfectant to the cabinet afterwards. Let the cabinet be opened overnight in order for it to dry.

Fix any holes or cracks

If there are holes and cracks in your cabinets, then it is more vulnerable to be attacked by khapra beetles and other pests. So before you place your foods back in, be sure that you have fixed holes or cracks if there is any.

Replace the foods

Once the cabinet has dried, you can now replace your food and groceries. It might be a good idea to transfer those starchy and sugary foods in jar containers before you do so. This is to limit the access of any reemerging khapra beetles.

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