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How To Get Rid Of Leather Smell

One of the widely used and most handy materials used in manufacturing many products is leather. Leather is great in making bags, clothes, shoes, couch and other furniture, and a whole lot more! It is no wonder why leather is so in demand today. It is easy to style, durable and cost-efficient. However, leather has some disadvantages too; and one of these advantages is its unique and quite unpleasant odor.

Leather smell can make your nose revolt. While it is not really foul-smelling, the smell of leather is just too strong and earthy. It might even make other people a bit dizzy if they have too sensitive sense of smell. There are various reasons behind the smell of leather. Aside from the natural odor that it has, other chemicals and coloring materials may make the odor of leather muskier. DO not worry though. You can lessen the smell of leather. Just try these tips on how to get rid of leather smell.

Leave the smell alone

One distinct feature of leather is its natural smell. Actually, the stronger the leather smell is, the more pure the material that has been used. So if you have a bag that smells like earthy rubber, it is just a sign that your bag is really made from high quality materials. If you do not have too sensitive nose, you can just leave the smell alone and wait for it to go away.

Cover them with paper

Paper is a great absorbent for smell. If you have a new leather product, you can just get several papers and use them to cover the leather. Newspapers are better than other types of paper because they have bigger pores that will make the absorption a bit faster. It might take a few days before it can take effect so be patient. Remember, there is no quick method for removal of leather smell.

Keep the leather dry

Washing the leather is not too advisable because it can just promote the smell even more. So if you washed your couch or bag, or if your leather shoes got wet because of the rain, you have to dry it quickly so that the odor will not get any worse.

You can use blow dryer or just let the leather material bask under the sun. When using blow dryer, simply plug it and set into low heat. Then, position the blow dryer a few inches away from the leather. If you do not have blow dryer, you can just hang it outside and let the sun do the job. However, do not let the leather material bask under the sun for too long, especially if it is too hot outside as it may lead to chapping of the material.

Use baking soda

As you may already know, baking soda is one of the best remedies for unwanted odors. If you cannot just take the leather smell, you can simply get a container that is big enough for the material and sprinkle it with ample amount of baking soda. Place your leather material inside the container and let it stay there overnight.

Get leather conditioner

Leather products manufacturer are aware of the potent leather smell that is not too pleasing to the nose that is why the leather conditioner exists. You can get leather conditioner form almost any home improvement depot. Just get this product and apply on the strong leather to remove its smell.

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