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How To Get Rid Of Lime Deposits

Are there lime deposits that have spread all around your household? Would you just like to get rid of lime deposits and make your home, furniture and other household items squeaky clean? Lime deposits are actually mineral deposits. They can form wherever tap water is used. Tap water is not really the cleanest form of water out there. In fact, it has all these elements from the raw sources, hence, when you frequently use tap water, the mineral deposits may accumulate on the items where it flows through. The most common minerals that form lime deposits are calcium and magnesium. For example, tap water runs through your faucet or showerhead, you might see some white chemical buildup around it. Even your cookware can also be attacked by lime deposits.

Lime deposits cannot really cause someone to be dead but they can sure make your home look unclean. Moreover, excessive lime deposit on items that you frequently use when cooking might become light toxins. Lime deposits must be gotten rid of in order to ensure your household’s cleanliness and safety. Here are some things you can do to get rid of lime deposits.

Soak with vinegar

Yet another benefit of vinegar is that it helps in removing lime deposits. If it is your kitchen utilities and cookware that has been affected by the lime deposits, you can just fill up a basin with some heated water and about two cups of vinegar. Let the affected items soak in the solution for about an hour. This will help soften up the lime deposit buildup. After most of the minerals have been removed, you can just wash the items with water and liquid dishwashing detergent. Be sure to wipe the items dry.

Wrap it up with soaked cloth

If you are dealing with showerheads or faucet, you can just saturate a paper towel or a piece of cloth in pure vinegar. Tie up this cloth on the showerhead or faucet that is affected by the lime deposits. Let the vinegar seep through the buildup to make it loose. Leave it for about an hour or so.

Scrub clean

After the vinegar has finished its job, you can just get a scrub and some detergent mixed with water. Splash some soapy water first on the area and then scrub it using a sponge. You do not want to use tough-bristled scrubs as it may damage the surface of what you are cleaning. Just scrub the area thoroughly until the lime deposits are detached from the surfaces. Rinse the area clean with water. Wipe with some cloth to dry.

Spray some tough cleaner

Commercial cleaning solutions are often useful in getting rid of lime deposits. Those solutions that work well with bacteria buildup are most probably effective with lime deposits as well. You can just take a trip down the grocery store or household depot and get one of those known cleaning products. Just follow the directions on the label to know how to use it properly.

Monitor the lime deposits

If you continuously use tap water, there is always the risk for lime deposits accumulation. Nevertheless, if you monitor your household cleanliness, you might be able to prevent it from becoming a major problem. A general cleaning once in a while is often enough to prevent lime deposits from forming.

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