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How To Get Rid Of Marker Stains

Little children love to be creative. When they are bored, they will take out a piece of paper and markers to play with. Usually, they will draw and doodle different artistic things. Letting your children be creative is a good thing. However, it is quite common for children to over doodle that they end up leaving marker stains on the table, floor, and wall and even on their clothes.

Marker stain is one of the most common stains that you will encounter, especially if you live with younglings. Of course, even though you see lots of rainbow-colored streaks and doodles around, you cannot just lose your temper and blame the children for making your house one big canvas. When you have to deal with marker stains, just keep your cool because they are quite easy to remove. So if your house has been recently the target of those colorful markers, here are some tips that can help you get rid of marker stains.

Hair spray

If the marker stain is just fresh, you should immediately spray it using a hair spray. The chemical contents of hair spray can easily react with marker stains. So if your child has just recently finished drawing, use hair spray on the stained area and wait for about a minute. Then, wipe the stained area with clean cloth.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is one of the best and most simple solutions for removing marker stains. Just simply pour over an ample amount of rubbing alcohol over the stained area. Let the rubbing alcohol dilute the marker stain for a few seconds then, using a paper towel, wipe clean the marker stain.

Nail polish remover

Nail polish remover, or acetone, has powerful chemicals that can dilute the marker stain. Simply pour some nail polish remover on a cloth or cotton then use it to remove the marker stain. Rub the area with the dampened cloth or cotton until the stain fades away.

Liquid dish soap and cold water

For more stubborn marker stains, you can simply mix liquid dish soap with cold water. Apply this solution over the stained area. Then, using an old toothbrush, rub the marker stain. When the stain has almost disappeared, rinse the area with clean water and dry the surface using paper towels.

Bleach solution

For white surfaces or white cloth and fabrics, you can use bleach solution to reduce the marker stain. Simply mix some water and bleach together. Apply this on the stained area and leave it for a few minutes. Rubbing or scrubbing the area might also help. Then, when most of the stains have come off, you can rinse the formerly stained area with clean water.

Paint thinner

If the marker stain is on an unpainted wall, you can use paint thinner to remove the stain. Simply apply some paint thinner on the stained part and try to scrub it away. Rinse it with water afterwards.

Vinegar and citrus power

For marker stains on cloth, you can use vinegar or citrus extract. Vinegar, lime, lemon, orange are all highly acidic and they can soften up marker stains. Just soak the stained cloth with vinegar or any citrus fruit extract. Let the acid do its work for a few minutes. Then, wash the cloth as you normally would.

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