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How To Get Rid Of Mattress Mold

Mold can thrive almost everywhere, particularly in places where it is moist and shaded. Although most cases of mold break out occur in bathrooms, kitchens and patios, it can also sprout from house furnishing that often gets wet such as your own mattress. By just simply sleeping with your hair still wet, or throwing wet towel over your bed when you are dressing up, molds can start to grow on your mattress.

Mattress mold are highly dangerous because you can easily contract the fungi behind these mold clumps. Molds bring harmful fungi that can easily damage your respiratory system. So if you do not want to get infection while sleeping, you must get rid of mattress molds and prevent them from coming back. If you do not know how to get rid of mattress molds, here is a simple step-by-step mattress mold removal that you can follow.

Remove the mattress

When you are cleaning up mattress mold, you have to remove the mattress first and place it outside where you can clean it freely. Just lay out some tarp over your lawn and put the mattress on it. Be sure that the mattress is under the direct heat of the sun. Leave the mattress outside until the molds start to dry up.

If you cannot transfer the mattress in a sunlit place, you can just turn on the electric fan and fix it so that the air is directly blowing towards the mattress. This will help speed up drying mattress molds.

Scrape off the mold

The next thing that you should do is to try scraping the mold from the mattress. When the mold has dried and hardened a bit, it will be easier to remove since you can just easily scrape off the hardened, brittle mold. You can just use an old brush to remove those mattress molds from the surface. Be keen about mattress molds as they appear in different colors. The best thing to do is to brush the whole mattress.

Use a vacuum

Once you have scraped off the mold, you can now use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and residue on the mattress. Vacuum the front and back side of the whole mattress. This will help suck the entire mattress mold and other dirt that has stuck on the mattress.

Spray disinfectant

In order to kill the remaining mold that has grown on your mattress, you can spray the mattress with disinfectant. It will be better to use a spray that contains fungicide to kill sprouting molds. Spray a generous amount of disinfectant all around the mattress to make sure that those molds are removed.

Keep it under the sun

Keep the mattress under the sun for some hours. Remember to flip the mattress every hour or two. The direct sunlight and heat of the sun will kill every bit of bacteria and prevent them from growing back again.

Set the mattress

When the sun is about to set, bring back the mattress inside your home. Do not let it sit outside until nightfall because the dew might promote further breakout of mattress molds. If the mattress is still wet, just use electric fan to dry it or place the mattress under the sun again the next morning. When the mattress has completely dried, you can now use it again.

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