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How To Get Rid Of Microwave Odors

Cooking is a day to day activity that is viewed differently depending on the person. One may see as a haphazard activity, while others see it as a hobby. In order for some food to be edible, they must be cooked or tenderized enough to digest. For those who despise cooking, there is an option for them that has less effort, and gets the job done twice as fast: microwaves. Not all food that can be cooked can go into the microwave. Only a selected few is able to be microwavable as opposed to really cooking the food from scratch. However, even microwaving food can leave things behind, much like cooking, like many dirty dishes. Not only that, but microwaves consume more power than just cooking with stove or grills. Nevertheless, microwaves are a convenient way to do simple things like heating water, cooking popcorn, or reheating spare food. Not only that, but it can also defrost frozen meat and vegetables faster. Microwaves have many uses and a house deserves to have one. But like stoves, the microwave can also leave something undesirable to your household: odor.

Microwave odors are a common problem to many owners. Given if the microwave is used except for water and odorless food, it will emit a powerful smell that could linger as long as you don’t deodorize it. It isn’t unusual for your microwave to start smelling funky. Many different foods like pizza, steak, sausages, coffee, and many others go in and out of your microwave. It is no surprise that it will start to smell because of this fact. Much like dirty laundry that you never take off, you will see that the smell will spread every time you open the microwave. And also just like laundry, the smell wouldn’t go away until you do something about it. As such, there are methods available for getting rid of microwave odors. Fortunately, this article can show you how to get rid of microwave odors.

Unplug your microwave

Make sure you unplug the microwave before beginning. You may risk getting electrocuted if you perform this without unplugging first. Now, unfasten the cabinet body using a screwdriver accordingly. It should extend along the back, the sides, or the bottom.

Slide the cabinet body back slightly to reveal internal brackets. Once you figured out how to remove these brackets, do so and start lifting the cabinet body off. Now it should reveal the inside of the microwave and you will see all the filth causing that smell.

Clean with vacuum cleaner

It is now time to clean the microwave using a vacuum cleaner. Attach the plastic crevice for the best results. Vacuum the internal parts of your oven such as the fan. Then start to vacuum the ventilation system found underneath the oven. Don’t forget to get the back and inside the chamber. After you completed vacuuming, reassemble the microwave and plug it.

Wipe with some vinegar

Mix water and vinegar into a bowl using 50-50 ratio. Set your oven to high and put the mixed solution inside. Close the oven door and set the timer to 5 minutes. When this mixture boils, it will remove the persistent smell pestering your oven.

Wipe down the inside of your oven using a clean sponge. The solution you mixed and put in the oven should loosen the food particles on the inner wall. This will also be a good time to check the vents for any stuck foodstuffs.

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