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How to Get Rid of Morning Breath

As much as possible, you would want your breath smelling fresh. This is why we brush our teeth, floss and gargle with mouthwash. We even bring small bottles of mouth fresheners so we can avoid getting bad breath. There is nothing more humiliating when you notice the person you speak to cover their nose or wince while you talk about what you had for breakfast.

No matter what we seem to do, there is one time of the day where our breath smells the worst; that time is the exact time you wake up. Morning breath is inevitable; this is usually caused by the bacteria that linger in your mouth while you are sound asleep. When you are awake, these bacteria are washed away unlike when you sleep wherein bacteria stays and lingers in the mouth.

If you have a partner that you wake up with in the bed, it is very embarrassing to talk or kiss them right after you wake up since the smell is undesirable. To avoid this type of embarrassment, here are some of the things that you can do to get rid of that undesirable breath you smell in the morning:

Drink a glass of water before sleeping

Have you asked yourself “why do I get morning breath when this condition never occurs when I am awake?” The simple answer aside from you are able to brush your teeth, is that the bacteria that accumulates in the mouth moves. When we eat, spit, gargle, swallow or drink, the bacteria is washed away. So before you go to sleep, consider drinking a glass of water. By doing this, it will lessen the amount of bacteria in the mouth before you go to sleep.

Brush your teeth before bed time

Brushing your teeth before bed time is not a random activity forced to you by your mother. There is a reason why you should do this. Brushing your teeth gets rid of most of the bacteria in the mouth and it gives your mouth a fresh feeling. This won’t totally remove morning breath but you can tell or smell rather, the difference when you brush or don’t brush your teeth before going to bed. After you brush your teeth, you can also gargle with mouthwash as an added protection from the bacteria.

Also when you brush, try to do it correctly. Brush your tongue as well since they often contain a lot of bacteria that needs removing.

Stop smoking

What’s worst than not brushing your teeth before sleeping? The answer is smoking and not brushing your teeth before you go to bed. Actually, even if you brush your teeth and still smoke, it still can give you morning breath. Quitting smoking has a lot of benefits aside from ridding yourself of morning breath.

Visit your dentist

It would be a good idea to visit your dentist if the steps mentioned did not work for you. There probably are underlying causes that is causing the morning breath, especially if the smell is really awful. Set an appointment with the dentist so they can check your teeth or the whole mouth for any causes of the condition.

Visiting the dentist is also a part of good oral hygiene since they will be able to monitor the condition of the teeth and perform procedures that can lessen the effect of morning breath.

What worked for you?

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