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How To Get Rid Of Nesting Birds

Birds can bring a beautiful sight when they fly around and make their exhibitions in the air. Watching them fly and make lovely chirping enables you to be closer to nature and become more relaxed. However, while they are charming when they are just out in the open, they can become quite annoying when these birds make your home their nest. This is when those birds become unwanted house visitors, or simply, pests.

Because the original places where the birds make their nest at are being destroyed, the birds are now having a hard time finding a great place to live at. When the birds fail to search for a place with abundant trees and wildlife, they just resort to live in almost any lot that provides their needs. This means that they can make any house, even your house, and their very own nesting place as well.

Nesting birds do not really destroy your house. However, they do make the place messy and a bit unpleasant when they establish their nest around your lot. Moreover, nesting birds also bring diseases which poses harm to you and your family. That is why; if you have nesting birds around, you should try to get rid of them as soon as you can. Here are some methods that you can follow to get rid of nesting birds.

Don’t be nice to them

If you are being too nice with the birds, they will be attracted to permanently reside at your house. If you always give them bird feeds or water resources that they need, you have to stop doing it so that the birds will not have any more reason to go near your house. If the birds do not get benefit from you, they will find another place to live at. But if you continue to constantly provide them they need, then your lot is a good choice for these birds to make their nest at.

Check the bird nest

Sometimes, the birds just need a place to temporarily live at. If the birds are giving birth to their little ones, it could be an emergency that is why they opted to just establish their nest in your house, instead of going into the wild. To be sure of this, you should check the bird nest. If you see any egg or younglings, then you can just ignore the nesting birds. Birds are being protected by the law, so you should not do anything to harm them if you do not want to get fined. Usually, birds that have just recently given birth will go away ones their children have grown enough.

Set up bird spikes

If there are actually no little birds whatsoever in the nest, then you can now try to do methods that will shoo them away. One effective thing to do is to set up bird spikes. There are many bird spikes that are designed for little ones to big ones that you can buy in the market. You can just set these spikes around the area where you often find those birds land and near the nesting area. When the birds see those spikes, they will be afraid to go back in your lot again.

Get cats

Birds do not like cats. If you can stand living with cats, but not with birds, then you can try natural predation by getting cats. Keep them around and they will keep those birds away.

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