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How To Get Rid Of New Mattress Smell

The bed is what your body will seek after a stressful day out. Nothing beats that relaxing feeling of just lying still on your bed. However, because of constant use, there might come a time when you need to get rid of your old mattress and buy a new one. This is actually beneficial because you are going to have an upgraded version of your bed, and new mattresses usually have better and more comfortable features. Nevertheless, there are still downsides when you buy new mattresses. First, it might take some time for your body to really appreciate it and the worse one, is that a new mattress have a nasty smell.

It is inevitable for new mattresses to have a strong and unpleasant odor. This may be caused by the materials and chemicals that are used in making the mattress. Plus, new mattresses are kept stored in a warehouse, and it is only after it has been bought that it will be removed from the closed storage. But whatever the case may be, when you get a new mattress, you should try to get rid of its smell as soon as you can. Sometimes, there are unhealthy factors that contribute to this bad smell and if you inhale it for long, your health may be affected. So to get rid of new mattress smell, here are some things you can do.

Do not use it just yet

When you have just bought a new mattress, it might be a good idea if you do not use it just yet until the odor has been removed. Place it in a separate room or even in an area that is shaded but out in the open. Just be sure that your neighborhood is safe and that no one will try to steal that new mattress of yours. After all, the prices of mattresses nowadays are quite expensive.

Improve ventilation

Increasing the amount of air flowing in and out of the room where the mattress is will help in removing the smell of the new mattress. As much as possible, keep all the windows open and place at least one fan inside the room. Let the fan run so that the air circulation can be improved. Every day, turn the mattress over so that both sides will be ridden of the smell.

Sprinkle baking soda

When you buy new items at home that smell, you can always use baking soda. Baking soda is effective in removing odor of new carpets, rugs, cabinets and mattresses. Just sprinkle some baking soda on the mattress and let it sit there for hours. Then, vacuum it up. Once you have finished treating one side with baking soda, you can now work with the other side, until both sides have been freed of the unwanted odor.

Apply vinegar

Another effective solution to new smell is vinegar. Just spray some vinegar and water solution all over the mattress. Leave this to dry. Once it has dried up, your new mattress should smell better. In case that the strong of vinegar became too strong, you can just spray some deodorizer to make the mattress smelling fresh and fragrant.

Place activated carbon

Activated carbon is great when it comes to absorbing dirt and unwanted odors. Just place sachets of activated carbon on the mattress. You can also hang it all around the room so that it can absorb the smell of the new mattress.

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