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How To Get Rid of Oak Tree Worms

A healthy live oak tree can bring delight to nature-lovers and simple residents alike. Nothing beats the cool shade that a big, sturdy oak can give. It is also perfect for filtering the polluted air. Usually, an oak tree will have lots of green leaves, flowers and even acorns. If you notice that oak leaves are turning brown and starting to fall, then there might be something wrong with it.

Oak trees are generally strong and will live even pests infiltrate them. But oak trees are not excluded from growing weak and dying. One common kind of pest that leaves oak trees malnourished is oak tree worm. The usual worms found in an oak tree are webworms or caterpillar. Since oak trees are big, you might be surprised by how many oak tree worms are living there. And because of the size of oak trees, it is also very hard to get rid of oak tree worms. If your oak tree is infiltrated by oak tree worms, you can do these things to get rid of them:

Leave them alone

If you have only spotted a couple of oak tree worms and you see that the tree is not really too affected by these pests, then you can just leave them alone. Webworms or caterpillars will end up turning into butterflies in just a short span of time. Once the caterpillars become pupae and break into butterflies, then they will go away by themselves.

Brush them away

If it is possible for you to use a broom or a rake and sweep the oak tree worms and nests away, then you can try doing this method. You might need some help from other people when doing this. When you brush the oak tree worms and their nests, you need someone who will monitor where these things land. Then, destroy the nests and kill the oak tree worms.

Attract natural predators

If you want to get rid of those oak tree worms and enhance your plant growth at the same time, then you can do some things to attract natural predators such as beneficial wasps and bees. Wasps and bees feed on webworms. They are also good agents of pollination. You can easily attract these creatures if you plant more flowers such as sunflowers or hang bird feeders around the oak tree’s area.

Let them starve

One good thing you can do to kill oak tree worms is to get rid of their food source. Oak tree worms in larvae stage rely on bark lice and silk webbing. If you can take these two food source for oak tree worms, then they will starve and die later on. Just use a hose and spray down those bark lice and silk webbing. Wait for a few weeks and check if the number of worms decreased in number. If the population of oak tree worms decreases, they will be easier to remove.

Use BT Spray

BT spray is a kind of pesticide which contains Bacillus Thuringensis that is actually a disease for worms and similar pests. You can purchase instant BT sprays on your local store. Just carefully read the label and follow the instructions carefully before using it. Though BT sprays are generally not harmful, it still contains chemicals which are not really good to people and other plants and animals.

Ask for help

Killing worms on the ground are easy but killing worms on big oak trees is another story. SO if you cannot get rid of oak tree worms by yourself, it is all right to ask for help.

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