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How To Get Rid Of Palmetto Bugs

A Palmetto bug or basically an American cockroach is a very common house pest. It is a winged-type cockroach which flies around in many households. They are particularly diverse in tropic areas. Although Palmetto bugs usually just roam around the yard, they can also find their way through your houses.

Palmetto bugs infestation on household is not really common. However, during cold weathers and rainy seasons, they will seek for a warm place. If Palmetto bugs sought warmth inside your home, you need to take them away as soon as possible to avoid further house infestation and even bacteria-spread. There are simple things that you can do to shoo away those insects. Here are some things that you can do to get rid of Palmetto bugs.

Seal the corners of your home

To keep Palmetto bugs and other pests in general, you need to cover possible entry points around your home. Seal off holes and open house joints. You can also use screens to seal your windows and other big entryways around your house to keep away bugs and pests.

Clean your yard

Palmetto bugs usually live on thick and tall foliage. If there are many weeds or grasses growing near your house, then you should pull them out. Also remove piles of garbage, woods and other stuffs that can probably give habitat to palmetto bugs and other similar pests. Remember to always keep your house and lot clean for a better living.

Sprinkle some borax

Borax is a chemical which has a lot of powerful contents. It is used in many areas such as medicine and cosmetics. Borax is also believed to keep those Palmetto bugs away. If there are signs of Palmetto bugs around your home, simply sprinkle borax on their possible lair such as cracks and crevices. Palmetto bugs tend to live on dark, untidy areas as well.

Take away their food resources

Palmetto bugs primarily feed on leftovers and food residues everywhere. Be sure to wash your dishes clean and store them in a safe dry place. Remember to wipe your table after eating to remove any stain or food drippings. Also, sweep up the floor for any food bits that have fallen. Simply speaking, keep your house spot-free so that the Palmetto bugs will not be tempted to reside in your home.

Suck them with a vacuum

If you have already located where the Palmetto bugs are hiding, you can simply wait for dawn when these Palmetto bugs are taking their trip back home. Simply suck the Palmetto bugs by using vacuum. Then, release the bugs away from your home.

Make traps

You can set up traps around your home to kill those Palmetto bugs. Simply lay out some small containers around, particularly near the possible home of Palmetto bugs. Mix some food or drink and poison together, and serve it as bait to those Palmetto bugs. They can never say no to a free, delightful treat and once they indulge on their meal, it will only take a few minutes for them to die. Just make sure that you check your house for dead Palmetto bugs regularly. And do not forget to warn your family members about the poison traps that you set. Keep your baits away from young children.

Call exterminator

Palmetto bugs are quite easy to get rid of but if they are just too stubborn, you can call an exterminator to help you with your problem.

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