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How To Get Rid Of Panic Attacks

Panic attack is a common condition that most people experience more than once in their life. This may be a result of extreme anxiety and feelings such as nervousness, fear, trauma and a whole lot more. When you are having a panic attack, you will probably feel like you’re going crazy; that your mind, heart and body are all going to explode. In simple words, panic attack is an extreme feeling that is just too intense to describe.

Although panic attacks normally happen to a person once or twice, too much and overdramatic panic attack reaction may not be too normal at all. If the person has gone to hysterical that he seems like his mind is already out of this world, well, you should be careful. To avoid having too extreme reactions to your environment, here are some tips on how to get rid of panic attacks.

Consult a doctor

The number one thing you should do to get rid of a panic attack, especially if it is recurring, is to consult with a doctor. Panic attacks may heavily damage a person’s mind and it can even lead to abnormality so before things get worse, make it a habit to set up an appointment with your doctor and visit him. Tell him what you really feel and your doctor will most probably give you the best advices that are suitable for your condition.

Eat nutritious foods

If you have an emaciated mind and body, you will deal with more frequent panic attacks. You need to eat healthy in order for your mind and body to stay healthy. Always add nutritious foods to your diet. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich with different vitamins and minerals, to provide your body’s needs. Also eat ample amount of fish and seafood as they contain Omega-3 fatty acids which is good for the heart.

Lower down the alert level

There are many foods and drugs that affect your fight-or-flight body mechanisms. Some of these stimulants are caffeine-rich foods such as coffee, ginseng, cigarettes and other things that basically make you feel more alert. Being alive, awake and alert can be a good thing but being close to paranoid is the opposite. Lessen the intake of foods that can trigger more dramatic panic attacks.

Learn to take a breather

When you are in the midst of an emerging panic attack, you can do some breathing exercises to make you calm down. Simply sit down straight but relax your muscles. Slowly inhale as much air as you could and hold it for about three to five seconds then slowly exhale. Do this a couple of times until your mind gets clearer and you have taken control of yourself again.

Sit back, relax and enjoy

Some studies show that the people who are more prone to panic attacks are those people who constantly deal with stress. Although you need to go to school or work every day, it does not mean that you should forget about having fun. It can greatly help you if you can treat yourself even just once or twice a week. Go out to the mall, shop or watch a movie. Better yet, go for a relaxing day at the spa salon. Basically, learn how to make yourself enjoy and forget about the problems that you meet in your everyday life.

  1. Doris Said,

    i suffered from very bad anxiety attacks for sixty years, I was told it is just you nerves. Then I found a doctor, who understood the problem, he put me on an anti depression med and my life has been so wonderful, but I wasted many years in misery.

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