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How To Get Rid Of Parramatta Grass

Parramatta grass is a perennial grass that can generally be found in swampy areas. It is considered as a major weed threat in pastures and home gardens. Parramatta grass grows and multiply rapidly even with very little resource. Parramatta seeds are quite damp and gluey so they can easily stick on animal skin and clothing fabrics. These seeds can remain active for months to years even if they were not planted right away.

Because Parramatta grass can easily invade pastures and home gardens in just a snap, homeowners need to be watchful of this weed. So if you have seen Parramatta grass sprouting on your neighbor’s yard, you should start to take precautions because even if only one seed gets blown to your garden, it can be a cause of a very big weed breakout. Parramatta grass must be removed as soon as they start to grow because if it is left uncontrolled, Parramatta grass will easily take over your pasture or yard. If you are one of those who have been infested by Parramatta grass outbreak, here are some things you can follow in order to get rid of Parramatta grass.

Gear up

Since you will be dealing with stubborn weeds with stubborn seeds, you need to choose your clothing and tools properly. Do not wear clothes where foreign material can stick easily. Also remember to wear gardening gloves to avoid too much dirt and injury.

Remove seed heads

Before you uproot the Parramatta grass, you need to remove the seed heads first. With gardening scissors, cut the seed heads and place them in a garbage bag. Scissors are preferred over gardening knives such as machete because cutting too harshly might send the seeds flying on the group which will just grow again after some time.

Dig around

Using a spade shovel, dig around the Parramatta grass. Remember to dig down to the roots. If the root system is too deep, you can just loosen up the soil and uproot the Parramatta plant using your hands. Secure the uprooted Parramatta grass in a garbage bag. The key thing to remember is to get rid of the weed’s whole root system. Failure to do so will just result to another batch of Parramatta grass on your yard.

Apply herbicide

You can use herbicides to kill Parramatta grass and to prevent it from coming back. If there is only a few Parramatta grass on your yard, you can use Glyphosate herbicides. For serious infestation of Parramatta grass, use Flupropanate herbicide instead of Glyphosate because Glyphosate do not work well with large clumps of Parramatta grass. Just carefully follow the directions specified in your herbicide manual.

Clean up

After you have finished your Parramatta grass treatment, you need to clean up and dispose the weeds properly. Throw away in a safe place the garbage bag where you placed the Parramatta grass and seed heads. You also need to pay attention to your clothes and gardening tools. Check if there is any Parramatta grass that has been attached to your clothing or the tools that you used, and clean them up as well if you find anything so that they will not be able to propagate.

Call a gardener

If you were not successful in getting rid of the Parramatta grass by yourself, you need to call a gardener right away so that the Parramatta grass will not be able to spread even more.

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