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How To Get Rid Of Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are one of the most bothersome insects that cause a lot of nuisance to home owners. Unfortunately, pavement ant home invasion is also very common. When pavement ants set their eye on your house, they will build mounds around your yard. These ant mounds do not just make your lot ugly, they can also become a source of trouble. Once pavement ants have built their nest near your house, they will now start to find those cracks and crevices where they can pass through to search for sweets and sugars. They will march back and forth to your kitchen to get some foods like spilled sweets and leftover bits, even slightly opened groceries.

Aside from stealing foods, some pavement ants that were not able to stay on track might also mistake you as food. When you get bitten by an ant, expect irritating bumps. Although you cannot really get rid of pavement ants completely, you can do some things to lessen their population and keep them away from your home. Here are some helpful tips on how to get rid of pavement ants.

Find the ant nest

If you want to eliminate pavement ants, you should locate first their hideout. Ant nests are little mounds that are generally found near water resources, trees, pavements and path walks. If you are dealing with pavement ants, it will be easier to track their nest because pavement ants tend to leave trails and if you find one, just follow it.

Boiling water

Once you locate their nest, you can now start destroying those ants and their mound. Although it might sound a little morbid, pouring boiling water is one of the best ways to destroy an ant mound. Simply boil a few gallons of water and pour it over the ant mound. Since you are dealing with gallons and gallons of boiling water, you have to be extra careful so that you will not be the one to get burned.

Poison them

Another alternative way of killing pavement ants is by luring them with sweet poison. Since pavement ants are attracted to sweet foods, simply crush some apple or get some jelly and mix it with borax. Place your mixture into little, shallow containers that can be easily accessed by ants. Once they feast on your bait, the borax will start to do its job of poisoning those little pavement ants.

Sprinkle borax and salt around

Pavement ants hate salt and borax. To stop them from gaining access to your house, simply sprinkle a generous amount of borax and salt on their possible entry points to your house. The borax and salt will create a barrier for pavement ants which will prevent them from entering your house.

Chemical spray

There are some insecticides that you can buy in home improvement stores. These insecticides have the ability to poison and kill those pavement ants. If you do not have extra money for insecticides or if you do not like using strong chemicals, you can use bleach and water solution. Simply get a spray bottle and fill it with bleach and water. Spray the ant trails with this mixture.

Ask the help of an exterminator

Pavement ants are generally easy to get rid of but if you cannot kill them by yourself, you can ask an exterminator for some professional help. Just hand him some cash for his service and let him do the work.

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