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How To Get Rid Of PayPal Limitations

PayPal is one of the top online organizations that help people around the world to get paid and be paid. They have a secure website system wherein you can add credit card or bank accounts without the fear of someone tinkering with your private information. The website is also linked with many online shops and money transfer sites. Since it has a user protection program, you can be guaranteed to have defense against fraud and scam.

As an addition to their security and to help reduce fraudulent actions, PayPal has set up limits for their clients’ transactions. These two limitations include sending and withdrawal limits. Sending limits the maximum amount that you can send to another PayPal user while withdrawal limit is the maximum amount that you can withdraw to your bank account. If you have just recently joined PayPal, do not be shocked if you cannot make use of its wonderful features yet. PayPal made these limitations for their customer’s sake. If you want to know more about how to get rid of PayPal limitations, here are some more information.

E-mail confirmation

Right after you have registered for a PayPal account, the system will automatically send you a verification code or link that you should follow. Simply log-in into your e-mail account and look for PayPal’s message. Click on it and read the contents. Then, follow the instructions sent by PayPal.

Link a credit or debit card

Before you can make online purchases or send personal payments, you need to link a valid credit or debit card to your PayPal account. You can do this by hovering into the “Profile” tab and clicking on “Add/Edit Credit Card”. Supply the necessary details on adding form and submit it to PayPal.

Confirm your credit or debit card

To ensure that you are authorized to use the credit or debit card that you added, PayPal will charge a small amount to your card and you have to submit to PayPal the 4-digit code that will appear on your billing statement. For a faster confirmation, you can make a call to your credit card company and ask them to check the 4-digit code that will appear on your PayPal transaction description. Then, verify your card by submitting it to PayPal. Once your credit or debit card has been verified, PayPal will now raise your credit limit.

Link a bank account

When it comes to raising withdrawal limits, you must first link a bank account to your PayPal address. Just hover to “Profile” and click the “Add/Edit Bank Account”. Fill-up the necessary information and submit.

Verify bank account

After adding a bank account, PayPal will deposit small amounts to your account. You need to determine how much these random deposits are by either waiting for your bank statement or calling your bank. When you already know how much has been deposited, you need to submit the right amount to PayPal and once they have confirmed this, your withdrawal limit will be raised.

Request for a confirmation code through postal mail

Another alternative for removing your PayPal limit is to request for a verification code that will be sent via postal mail. PayPal will then send a letter to the physical address that you entered. This includes the confirmation code that you need to submit to PayPal in order for your limit to be removed.

Contact PayPal

If you want to try out other means of raising your limit, you can contact the PayPal Support Team or look for help in the Resolution Center. PayPal will tell you other ways on how you can confirm your identity so that your PayPal limit will be eliminated. If you need more assistance about the topic, you can directly contact PayPal with regards to raising your limits.

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