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How To Get Rid Of Piercing Scars

Getting piercings is one way to accessorize your body. A pair of ear piercings has become a standard for both males and females to get. Other body piercings are meant to define a specific body part. For example, a nose piercing is said to accentuate the facial features of a person. Navel piercings, on the other hand, make a person’s tummy become sexier. Different piercings on different body parts have their own way of accessorizing and defining the body. However, there are times when piercings do not work out as expected. Most piercings gone wrong leave unwanted scars on the body, that also accentuates the skin, but in a bad way. If you have acquired piercing scars, you should try to get rid of it before it becomes even permanent.

Removing piercing scars requires patience. Like any other wound, it needs time to fully heal. Nevertheless, with proper care and scar products, you can effectively remove these unwanted flaws in the body from piercings. If you want to get rid of piercing scars, here are some things that you can do in order for you to bring back your flawless skin.

Apply honey

Honey is one of the natural remedies for removing scar. Honey has been one of the healing products that have been used even in ancient times. It has many antioxidants, antibacterial properties and other healing elements. It is also very beneficial to skin health so this treatment really works well and leaves your skin supple and smooth. TO apply honey, simply wash clean the scarred area first. Apply a generous amount of raw honey on the area so it does not dry out easily. Then, apply gauze to cover up the area. Re-apply a new treatment every day.

Apply tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another natural product that helps get rid of almost every type of scar. You can just rub the tea tree oil directly on the piercing scar. It has a concentrated element that helps remove scar in just a couple of days. Just apply the tea tree oil every few hours. However, it tends to dry out the skin so be sure to apply moisturizing cream on the scar after you apply tea tree oil.

Rub some lemon

Lemon has vitamins, minerals and bleaching property that can lighten up the scar. It can help piercing scars fade in just a few weeks. Simply slice some lemon or extract its juice and rub it all over the scar. Do this a few times a day until the scar fades away.

Get scar-removing products

There are commercial, non-prescription ointments that are readily available in pharmacies. Those with silicone gel content are known to be one of the most effective. Simply take a trip to the pharmacy and look for branded and dermatologically-tested scar-removing products. Read the label on how to apply it.

Look for corticosteroid treatments

Corticosteroid treatments are also effective in removing scars. It comes in creams and also injectable form. You can ask about this product from a professional dermatologist. It might be a bit costly than other creams sold in the market.

Go for a laser treatment

If you are one of those who have extra money, you can go to a surgeon or a dermatologist to have a laser treatment. Laser treatments have an almost instant effect. Its advantage is that, with just a few sessions, you can get rid of the scar but it does cost a lot.

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