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How To Get Rid Of Pinched Nerves

The body is composed of many things that have unique roles in making the body system function. For example, nerves are like the wirings of the human body. They carry messages from your brain to the different parts of the body. Because of its importance, nerves must be safeguarded. However, there are unfortunate things that may cause damage to these nerves, like when you engage in strenuous physical activity, you risk putting strains, not just on you muscles, but also on your nerves. When this happens, pinched nerve can occur.

Pinched nerve is characterized by a sharp painful feeling that is followed by numbness. That is why when there’s a part of your body with a pinched nerve, you will somewhat weak in that certain area. When you have a pinched nerve, that pins-and-needles sensation can also be experienced. While most cases of pinched nerve is not really fatal, it must be attended to right away as pinched nerve can either go away but itself, or become aggravated overtime. If you are suspecting you have this condition, here are some useful tips that you can follow in order to get rid of pinched nerves.

Take a rest

If you keep on using the body part with the pinched nerve, then your condition will most likely just become worse. In order to bring back your strength and to rest the pinched nerve, you should just take a rest once you discover it. If the pinched nerve is in your arm or leg, you can use splint in order to keep it immobilized until the painful sensation goes away.

Apply heat on the area

Hot compress can help fight the numbness that you feel because of a pinched nerve. You can just apply hot compress on the area that feels numb and you will find instant relief. The heat will also improve blood circulation and help de-stress the nerves.

Consume pain reliever

Pain reliever can aid in treatment for pinched nerves. You can ask for a medical prescription from your doctor. Some pharmacies also sell some mild pain relievers over the counter. You can just ask for assistance from the pharmacist if you do not know much about pain relief medicines.

Get a physical therapist

If the case of your pinched nerve seems to be really bad, then you can pay for the services of a physical therapist. He will help you relieve the pain and strain from the pinched nerve. A physical therapist can also give you advice so that you will know how to do physical things more properly so that you will not get pinched nerves in the future.

Aside from the physical therapist, you can also just ask someone to massage the sore part or go to a day spa and get a deep massage to release the stress on the pinched nerve.

Go to the doctor

Anything that concerns the nerves of the body should not be ignored. These nerves are responsible for relaying messages to all the body parts in order for them to function according to your command. And once these nerves are damaged, you will not be able to control your body system that easily. If you are having difficulties because of the pinched nerve, it is best that you go to the doctor and ask for professional advice.

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