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How To Get Rid Of Pine Sap On Car

If you are parking a car, a garage with roofing is the ideal spot. But if this kind of parking space is not available, one of the best choices is to park your car in a sheltered place below big trees like pine trees. This way, it will be protected from the heat and harsh weather. However, parking under a pine tree also has its disadvantages. One common problem that drivers face after parking their car under a pine tree is pine sap or resin.

Your car is very susceptible to drippings from pine trees. If you get unlucky, you will end up with unwanted sticky sap all over your car. This is very bothersome especially if your car is still at its best, freshly-painted condition. Saps and resins are particularly tough to remove from cars because you have limited choices of products that you can use to clean it up. You can’t just scrub pine sap away with alcohol as this may damage your car’s finish. Nevertheless, before you send your car to the car cleaners, you can try this step by step method to get rid of pine sap on car.

Clean with soapy water

First, if the pine sap has just dripped and it has not dried yet, then you can try cleaning it with soapy water. Simply wash the spot with some clean water. Use a piece of cloth with fine fibers and add some liquid dish wash soap to it. Gently rub the area to remove the pine sap. Then, using a garden hose, rinse the area with the water. Apply a bit of pressure so that no sap will remain sticking on your car.

Scrape it up

If you are dealing with pine sap that has already dried, then first, you have to scrape up the pine sap from the car. Using an object with a blunt edge, like a thin putty knife, scrape the pine sap. This will decrease the amount of pine sap that you will have to remove. Be careful when scraping because you do not want to scratch your car and have more problems. If you are quite unsure about scraping, you can just try to remove at least the topmost layer of the pine sap. Then wipe away most the pine sap that has been removed.

Spray some WD-40

WD-40 oil will help remove the remaining pine sap on car more easily. When you have gotten rid of most of the pine sap, apply a small amount of WD-40 over the resin spots. Let the oil sit for a bit before continuing.

Scrape again

The WD-40 will act as a lubricant so you can easily scrape the remaining pine sap from the car. This will reduce the possibility of scratching your car. Using the blunt-edged scraper, gently swipe the resin from the surface until you already see the car’s paint.

Use tar remover

Tar remover products can be bought at almost every auto-shop. This will finish off the removal of pine sap on your car. Simply get a soft rag or cloth and apply a small amount of the tar remover on the pine sap. Gently but firmly rub it until all the pine sap have been removed.

Wash your car

Wash your car with soap and water to remove the excess car products that you used. You can also apply a bit of wax to polish your car.

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