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How To Get Rid of Plantar Warts

Do you have plantar warts? Do these unwanted skin lesions make your feet look very unpleasant? Plantar warts are a common infection that attacks the feet. It is caused by viruses that can be really harmful. When you have acquired plantar warts, it is best that you treat it right away.

Removing plantar warts is actually not that hard. You just have to be patient about it, because plantar warts cannot be treated overnight. Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to get rid of plantar warts.

Clean up the area

Whenever you are treating any abnormality on your body, you must remember to keep the area clean so that it will be protected from germs and bacteria that may aggravate its condition. So if you have plantar warts, you should ensure that it is clean and safe from further infection. Washing the area often with antibacterial soap will do the job.

Wrap with duct tape

One common way to get rid of plantar warts is to wrap it up with duct tape. First, clean the plantar wart with soap and water. Dry the area and put petroleum jelly on the surrounding skin. Wrap the plantar wart with duct tape. Wrap the duct tape firmly but do not make it too tight so that your skin will still be able to breathe. Just keep the duct tape in place for about a week. After that, check up the plantar wart. Remove the duct tape and you will see that the plantar wart is already dried and easily peeled. Use a tweezers to cut up the dried skin or rub a pumice stone to remove what is left of the plantar warts.

Apply garlic

Garlic is known to be a healthy food which contains a lot of antibacterial properties. Because of its contents, garlic can help dry up plantar warts and speed up your skin’s healing. Simply peel some garlic cloves and rub it on the plantar wart a couple of minutes before cleaning it up. This will help kill the virus that causes the plantar wart. You can also use garlic to treat the plantar wart overnight. Just crush some garlic and use a bandage to wrap it against the plantar warts. Leave overnight and then clean the following morning. Repeat this until the plantar warts have been treated.

Apply potatoes

Like garlic, potatoes are also helpful in removing plantar warts. You can just repeat the method above, but instead of using garlic, use mashed up fresh potatoes.

Rub some aloe vera

Aloe vera is very healthy for the skin. Not only does it treat many skin conditions, but it leaves the skin moisturized and smooth. If you have plantar warts, then you can use natural aloe vera to treat it. Simply rub the aloe vera on your plantar wart a couple of times a day. This will speed up the healing of the plantar wart.

Consult your dermatologist

If the plantar wart seems to become more infected each day, then you should consult your dermatologist. Your plantar wart might already have been infected if it still stays even after a couple of weeks with regular treatment. If this is the case, then home remedies may not be enough. Refer to your doctor for the effective treatments that you can undergo to get rid of plantar warts.

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