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How To Get Rid Of Quad Cramp Pain

The quadriceps, or the large mass of muscle extending from front thigh to legs, is one of most used body parts. When the quadriceps gets too worked-up, the strain will create muscle tension and quad cramp pain. Although exercising your thighs and legs is good, doing too much activity requiring the use of leg muscles will usually cause painful muscle spasms.

Quad cramp pain is generally caused by muscle overuse but there are also some cases when muscle tension occurs because of some bodily deficiencies. Nevertheless, whatever the cause of your quad cramp pain may be, there are simple techniques that you can apply whenever you get those legs to work. Here are some simple methods that will help you get rid of quad cramp pain.

Always do some stretching

Before you head out for an exhausting work-out, you should remember to stretch your muscles first. Stretching conditions your body. Starting heavy work-out without stretching your muscles and ligaments will increase the chances of muscle pain and spasm attacks.

If you are already experiencing the quad cramp pain, simply stretching your thigh and legs will help you get rid of the muscle spasm.

Keep your body hydrated

Dehydration is a common cause of quad cramp pain. Whenever you go out for a work out, you should always carry with you a bottle of water or sports drink. When you sweat out, the number of electrolytes in your body decreases and when your body runs low of electrolytes, quad cramp pain may occur. To avoid having electrolyte imbalance, always rehydrate by drinking consuming lots of water and fluids.

Eat foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals

Lack of potassium, calcium and magnesium in the body will make your muscles more susceptible to pain and cramps. These three nutrients are very essential in keeping body muscles well-toned. So for a better longevity and stronger muscles, eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

Relax your muscles

When a quad cramp hits you, rest and relax your muscles. You can also get a cold compress and use it to alleviate the pain that you are experiencing.

Analgesic balms

If you constantly work out, keeping analgesic products with you is a great idea. You can get analgesic balms on most stores and they do not cost that much. It will be a good investment that will give you easy cramp fixes. Analgesic balms give off a relaxing effect. Simply rub some analgesic on your quadriceps and let its heat remove that painful cramp.

Massage your thighs and legs

A quick, deep massage can always help in removing quad cramp pain. Use your knuckles to knead your muscles. This might be a bit painful at first but when done properly, you will feel the comfort that massaging brings.  When you rub down your muscle, the muscle tension will be eliminated.

Getting regular massage can also help prevent muscle cramps so after a long work out, you can go to a day spa and pay for a rejuvenating massage package.

Over-the-counter medicines

There are available over-the-counter medicines that you can buy in your local pharmacies. These medicines aid in easing the muscle pain and spasms. Just keep in mind to take these medicines properly.

Go to a doctor

Quad cramping is quite normal and it usually goes away within just a couple of minutes. If your quad cramp pain is recurring and abnormally painful, you should go to a doctor and ask for professional help.

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