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How To Get Rid Of Rabbit Ear Mites

Rabbit ear mites are very harmful parasites that can affect rabbits, especially the younger ones. Once your rabbit got affected by psoroptes cuniculi or rabbit ear mite infestation, your pet will suffer great pain and discomfort. Some of the usual symptoms of rabbit ear mites are constant ear scratching, red crusts forming in your rabbit’s ears, uneasiness and irritation.

Rabbit ear mites are highly contagious and they can be passed on easily from one animal to another. If left untreated, rabbit ear mites will become worse to the point that it will take over your rabbit’s hearing, and it might even cause the death of your pet. So once you see your rabbit showing these signs and symptoms of rabbit ear mite infestation, you should treat it right away. If you are suspecting that your pet is affected with psoroptes cuniculi, you can do these following methods in order to get rid of rabbit ear mites.

Do the bunny burrito

The bunny burrito is called the means of wrapping your rabbit with towel so it appears similar to a burrito. Since rabbits are very active animals, you need to secure your pet first in a towel before you can administer any treatment or home remedy for rabbit ear mites.

Oil it up

To remove those red crusts in your rabbit’s ears, you need to squeeze some oil to loosen it up a bit. Simply get a cotton ball and saturate it with baby oil or mineral oil. Almond oil can work too. Position your rabbit so that you can clearly see its ears. Squeeze the cotton and let the oil drop over the red crusts that have formed on your rabbit’s ears. The oil will make the crust easier to remove.


Aside from oil, vinegar may be also used in order to remove the red crusts in your pet’s ears. Simply make a vinegar-water solution which consists on one part vinegar and two parts water. Drop some solution on your pet’s ears and let it sit for a while. The acidity of the vinegar will help fight the rabbit ear mites and other bacteria that have accumulated on your pet’s ear.

Massage the rabbit’s ears

With your fingers, lightly massage your rabbit’s ears so that the crusts will break down. Massaging your rabbit’s ears will also give your pet a comfortable feeling.

Remove the crust

With a cotton swab, gently remove the red crusts that have formed on your rabbit’s ears. You need to be extra careful in doing this if you do not want to hurt your precious pet. Do not rush and harshly pick the crusts. This might infect your rabbit even more.

Keep your rabbit clean

In order to prevent the spread of rabbit ear mites, you need to ensure the cleanliness of your rabbit. Give him frequent baths and make sure that its cage is clean and bacteria-free.

Consult with a veterinarian

Rabbit ear mite infestation is not to be taken lightly. Although there are some home remedies that you can do, you will still need to take your pet to the veterinarian to have it diagnosed properly. The vet will also give you proper medical prescriptions that you need to provide your pet with. If the condition of your rabbit has gone to serious, the vet might also perform necessary surgical operations to remove the rabbit ear mites that have affected your pet.

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