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How To Get Rid Of Residue From A Sticker

Do you fancy those glossy stickers? Have you once posted them into your room’s wall or other house furniture? While stickers may serve as nice decoration for a while, their use also subsides in time. When you think that the sticker has outlived its useful days, then you might think of removing them from where it is attached. This might seem like an easy task, but it actually is not. While you can take off the sticker from the surface easily, it will leave unwanted residue from the adhesive material. This is the part where it gets hard. Removing the sticker is one thing, and removing the residue is another, harder task.

Many people have experienced dealing with sticker residue. Some of them did not really know the right things to remove it so they fail in cleaning up the area properly. If you are trying to remove those stickers and their residue as well, do not be like those people who were uninformed about the best tricks in removing adhesive residues. Here are some tips and tricks that you can keep in mind in order to get rid of residue from a sticker.

Nail polish remover

Nail polish remover, or acetone, is a powerful remedy in removing residue from stickers. Simply get a nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Soak the cotton with the acetone and use it to rub on the surface where the sticker used to be. This will instantly react with the adhesive and overpower it. Just keep on rubbing until the area has been cleaned of the residue.

Note that using nail polish remover on refined dark woods might not be a good idea because it may leave white spots. For this furniture, use rubbing alcohol instead.

Petroleum jelly

Another thing that you can use in removing residue from stickers is petroleum jelly. This product is known to have many uses and removing sticker residue is one of its benefits. Simply get a piece of cloth and scoop a small amount of the petroleum jelly from its container. Use this to rub on the surface where there is residue from stickers. While petroleum jelly works well, you might need to deal with its stain afterwards. If you do not have petroleum jelly, baby oil or mineral oil can work as well.

To remove the oil stains caused by petroleum jelly, get an old toothbrush and squeeze some toothpaste on it. Rub this on the surface until the petroleum jelly has been removed. Then rinse with water.

Baking soda and water

One of the many uses of baking soda is removing sticker and other adhesive residue. Simply create a paste out of baking soda and some water. Use this to cover up the area with the residue. Let it sit for a while then wipe it off with a damp cloth dipped in warm water. This should be an easy fix for those unwanted sticker residues.

Hair spray

Hair spray is an easy remover for sticker residues as well. You can just sprinkle some hair spray over the area with the residue, then, scrub it off using a sponge or soft-bristled brush. Wipe the surface with damp cloth afterwards to remove the detached residue.

Kerosene or paint thinner

For more stubborn residue from sticker, you can opt to use kerosene or paint thinner. Wear your protective gloves when dealing with these liquids. Get an old paintbrush and dip it in kerosene or paint thinner. Use this to spread the liquid on the residue. Leave it for a few minutes to react then scrub and wipe the area clean. This works for unpainted surfaces.

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