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How To Get Rid Of Retainer Smell

The use of retainer has been very popular in fixing different teeth problems. Whether you are dealing with unaligned or crooked teeth, retainer is one of the most common devices that the dentist will recommend to you. Usually, retainer is used after you have just got out of wearing braces, or after you have went surgery. Retainers really are helpful in fixing common teeth and mouth problems. But sometimes, the retainer itself can cause problems. This happens when bacteria accumulate in the retainer and causes your mouth to smell.

Since retainer is a foreign object that is attached inside your mouth, it is quite common for it to start smelling. Of course, everything you eat and drink passes through this device. Also, being made up of plastic material, the retained saliva in your mouth may cause it to have a bad smell, and even create infection. Cleaning your retainer is a must if you want to keep your bright smile, despite this device attached to your teeth. Otherwise, you might end up dealing with retainer smell which is unpleasant. If ever your retainer has already acquired an unwanted odor, here are some things that you can do to get rid of retainer smell.

Keep your mouth clean

The retainer is contained in your mouth for a long time. So if your mouth is not clean, then most definitely, your retainer is not clean as well. If your retainer has all this germs and bacteria stuck into it, then it might start to give off a foul odor. So to lessen the smell of your retainer, you should keep your mouth clean. Remember to brush your teeth at least three times a day, gargle with mouthwash and use a dental floss.

Clean your retainer

Whenever you clean your mouth, never forget to clean your retainer as well. There are these tiny brushes that are designed for cleaning retainers. Use this to brush and clean your retainer whenever you are brushing your teeth. Simply wash and brush it with toothpaste and clean water.

Disinfect with alcohol

Alcohol is known for its power when it comes to killing bacteria. The lesser the bacteria there is, the more tolerable the smell will be. If your retainer starts to smell, use alcohol to clean it. Simply get a small container, just about enough to contain your retainer, and then, pour some concentrated alcohol to it. Dip your retainer in the alcohol solution for about 15 minutes and then rinse it with running water. Keep checking your retainer every few minutes because the alcohol might break it down if left soaked for too long.

Soak in mouthwash solution

Another alternative for alcohol is mouthwash solution. All you have to do is mix some mouthwash with water and transfer it in a small container. Drop your retainer inside it and let it soak for some minutes. This will remove the smell and germs as well. If you do not have mouthwash like Listerine, you can use a mixture of warm water and salt.

Visit your dentist

If all else fails, then you can just visit your dentist and ask for his advice on how you can get rid of the retainer smell. Sometimes, retainer smell might not be caused by the retainer itself, but the infection in your mouth so grab your phone and schedule a check up with your dentist.

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