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How To Get Rid Of Retainer Taste

Have you recently started wearing retainer? Are you uncomfortable wearing it because it has this metallic taste that is unpleasant? Most people who wear retainers really did have to suffer from retainer taste, especially during the first few weeks of wearing it. The retainer is an orthodontics device made up of a type of plastic that is used to correct different teeth and mouth problems. Although they are very helpful in fixing teeth disorders, they are quite hard to live with. But do not worry because there are simple things that you can do to get rid of this retainer taste problem.

Retainers can cause this metallic taste to stay in your mouth. TO remove this, you have to first get rid of the retainer taste, and then, get rid of the taste in your mouth. The good news is that, there are several simple remedies that you can do to get rid of retainer taste. Here are some useful tips that can end your suffering with that unwanted taste from retainers.

Brush with flavored toothpaste

Brushing your retainer with flavored toothpaste can help improve the taste of your retainer. When brushing your teeth, remove the retainer and brush it thoroughly as well. This will not just lessen the taste, but it will also help remove bacteria and retainer smell. TO make the taste of your retainer better, you can try brushing it with flavored kiddy toothpaste.

Soak in mouth wash

Soaking your retainer in mouth wash can be effective in removing its nasty taste. Everyday, for a few minutes, submerge your retainer in mouth wash. Remember to use non-alcohol based mouth wash because the alcohol might damage and break your retainer. If you are using strong mouthwash, you can try to add some water to lessen the concentration. Do this every day until the unwanted retainer taste goes away.

Dip in lemon

Lemon is fresh and sweet and it can get rid of retainer taste. The high acidity of lemon can help remove bacteria and cover up unwanted taste. Simply get some freshly squeezed lemon extract and mix it with water. Dip your retainer to it for a few minutes, then wash and wear.

Drink lots of water

The higher the amount of water that you drink, the bigger the possibility that the retainer taste will go away. This is because, every time you gulp on some water, the retainer is being washed and the taste might also come off with your drink. Remember to keep your fluid intake in the right level, and it might help you get rid of the retainer taste.

Go to the dentist

If you cannot figure out why the taste won’t go away, you can go to your dentist and ask him about it. He can give you other tips that may help remove that retainer taste. Also, he can check your mouth to see if it is really the retainer that has the taste, or it is your mouth that has problems.

Keep on waiting

Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do in removing the retainer taste. This is because the retainer is made up of plastic that really do not taste too pleasant. So if the retainer taste won’t go away, just forget about it and wait until the retainer taste has gone. Usually, it only takes a week or two to get accustomed to it.

  1. Chandler Said,

    Its funny because I did brush it, soak it in mouthwash, soak it in lemon juice and washed tge radte diwn with water all b4 I read this guide xD . Although this did help knowing there is a such thing to other people about the ” new ” retainer taste, every other guide/answers seem to talk about getting rid of the taste after its been in your mouth for months. I will continue to soak mine in mouthwash and lemon juice everyday, as I gagged tasting it for the first time. Thanks for the tips!

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