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How To Get Rid Of Ringing In Ear

Do you experience that ringing in ear out of nowhere? Do you feel uncomfortable because of the loud noise that your head creates? Ringing in ear, or tinnitus in medical term, is a common problem that affects almost everyone. It is caused by different factors such as listening to loud noises, stress, medicine side effects, and in rare cases, because of an underlying illness. These factors make the auditory nerves more sensitive, and sometimes, even damaged. When this happens, the nerves will just randomly send messages to your brain that causes you to hear noise in your head.

The ringing in ear is characterized by sensation of ringing, buzzing or just plain unpleasant noise that the head creates. It is actually not a disease itself and usually only happens once in a while. Nevertheless, you should try to mask it to remove the discomfort that you feel. To date, there is no known medical way to get rid of ringing in ear. However, you can still try to do some things that can help you counter the ringing sensation in your ears. Here are some things you can do to get rid of ringing in ears.

Consult the doctor

If the ringing in your ear occurs regularly and usually last for a long time, then there might be something wrong with your health. If this is your case, it is recommended that you visit the doctor as soon as possible. Getting a proper diagnosis is a must in order for you to know the appropriate medical treatments that will help you get rid of ringing in ears.

Moreover, if you are regularly taking medical prescription, ringing in ear might be a side effect of your medicine consumption. Schedule for a checkup and ask your doctor about your condition for more information.

De-stress and rest

Stress can cause many changes in your body, which is really not good to the health. If you are stressed out, your body may not process as it normally would. This can cause different unusual body reactions such as ringing in ear. It is important to de-stress and get some rest in order to restore your body functions. If you are strained, simply take a breather and some time to relax.

Check yourself for cold or allergic reaction

Cold can make your auditory nerves and ear canal swell. This can create abnormalities in your hearing sense and make you experience ringing in ear. If you have cold, simply treating yourself for this illness may help alleviate the ringing in your ear. Allergic reactions can also be accompanied by ringing in ear. So if you suspect that allergens have entered your body, take antihistamines to fight these foreign bodies.

Check your blood pressure

Fluctuating blood pressure can also cause ringing in ears. If it is accompanied by dizziness, immediately get your blood pressure. For abnormally high or low blood pressure, go to the clinic and ask for medical attention.

Wear ear protection

If you are going to be out in an area where there is too much noise, you should wear ear protection so to regulate the loudness of the noise around. Too much noise pollution can damage your ear and cause the ringing sensation.

Also, if you want to listen to some music, avoid setting your speakers or headphones into full blast. Not only will this cause ringing in ears, but it may also create permanent damage to your hearing.

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