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How To Get Rid Of Salamanders

Salamanders are lizard-like amphibians which are mostly found in swamps and wetlands. Salamanders are actually beneficial cold-blooded animals because they feed on insects such as spiders and worms that can harm people. They also protect plants from destructive insects. But because salamanders have this slimy skin that can make them look icky and a bit scary, most people do not appreciate the existence of salamanders.

If you leave in an area near a wetland or damp area, you might encounter salamanders more often than usual. In fact, they can even visit your lot and stay there for some time. When this happens, you might have trouble getting rid of them. Although they can help lessen the amount of insects that will enter your home, salamanders can make children and even adults freak out. So if you want to get rid of salamanders, do these following tips:

Keep the lot dry

Salamanders thrive on wet places. If you have gutters, drains or canals that make a part of your land wet and damp, you will be attracting salamanders. Stagnant water also makes way for reproduction of insects and if the number of insects in your lot grows, the number of salamanders will also visit you. This is because the salamanders will usually go to places where that land is damp and where there are loads of insects for them to eat.

Kill insects

Once you have gotten rid of the stagnant and dirty water in your lot, you should now kill every insect around. As long as there are insects, there will be salamanders visiting your home. You can do regular cleaning with insecticides. Just get those insecticides that are more organic, or simply mix pepper, liquid detergent and water together. Spray the insecticide inside and out of your home.

When you treat your lot with insecticide, be sure to follow the necessary precautions. Send your family on a day out and keep your pets away from the sprayed areas so that they will avoid inhaling dangerous chemicals from the insecticide.

Clean up your lot

If you have a clean and clear yard, you will instantly spot salamanders and once they see you as well, they will get scared and go away. Keep your lawn clear and trimmed. You should also get rid of piles of woods and other materials on your lot. These unsanitary materials may invite insects and salamanders as well.

Catch them all

Salamanders are quick and fast so it is actually very difficult to catch them with your own hands. Plus, if you do not like the slippery skin of salamanders, you probably will not touch them in the first place. What you can do is to catch them using a net.

You could also set up do-it-yourself traps for salamanders. You can check out the internet or ask some experts about the effective and efficient salamander traps that you can create.

Call animal control

If you often find group of salamanders in a specific area of your lot, then they might be living in that area. You cannot really catch and kill them because salamanders are protected by the law. If you cannot catch and release the salamanders in a safer place, you can just call animal control and ask them for help on how to get rid of salamanders.

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