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How To Get Rid Of Seasonal Allergies

Have the cold snow subsided and evaporated on the air? Are those flowers starting to bloom again, and the animals began to welcome the heat of the sun? Spring time is one great season. It is a season for new beginnings. However, spring time can also mean hay fever time or seasonal allergy period. For those who suffer from seasonal allergy, then, spring is most probably their most disliked season. But do not fret. There are things that you can actually do in order to survive one spring day without having to sneeze or cough because of an allergic reaction.

Seasonal allergies are very common. In fact, majority of the people around had, more or less, experienced some allergic reaction when the season of hay fever has come. One of the most common of seasonal allergies is pollen from blooming flowers, dirt and dust. It is characterized by runny nose, sneezing, watery and red eyes, and cough. While seasonal allergy is just a temporary reaction, there are times when it can become really bad. SO if you are having seasonal allergies, do not let it become worse. Try to get rid of seasonal allergies with these simple methods.

Avoid allergens

Basically, if the allergens do not hit your body, you will not have an allergic reaction. So first and foremost, get rid of those allergens around you. While full elimination of germs and dirt may not be achievable, keeping their number to minimum can greatly help in fighting off allergens that can cause seasonal allergy. Cleaning your house is one of the basics you can do. Remove all those dirt and dust around. Also, use air filters so that foreign objects such as pollens will not circulate inside your area for long.

Drink some honey

You might be thinking how honey can remove seasonal allergies, when in fact; honey contains some of the most notorious allergens that are pollen. Simply speaking, if you consume honey, you are trying to make your body adjust and become immune to the pollen. The reason why you will not have an extreme allergic reaction when you consume honey is because honey itself has a lot of nutrients that act as antioxidants and antibacterial properties. So if you are having a seasonal allergy attack, drink about two teaspoons of raw honey.

Take medications

There are many drugs that are specifically designed to treat allergies. If you are a highly sensitive person to allergens, it might be good idea for you to keep a stock of antihistamine, decongestant or allergy spray. You can usually buy these anti-allergy medications over the counter. Simply ask for antihistamine like Claritin. If you are having clogged nose, decongestants and ant cholinergic nasal spray may help.

Go to the doctor

If you are one of those people who become restless when the season for allergies come, then you should go to the doctor and have yourself checked up. When the doctor has finished assessing you, he will be able to give you the right medicines you need, and also the things that you should do and not do. It might be an advantage if you can visit your doctor even before hay fever season begins.

You can also ask the doctor for allergy shots or immunotherapy. These allergy shots make your immune system stronger so those allergens that enter your body will not trigger a very serious allergic reaction.

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