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How To Get Rid Of Sensitive Teeth

Do you like to eat sweet ice cream and other cold stuffs? What about luscious hot chocolate? Sometimes, the food that you want to eat is quite hard to consume, especially if you have sensitive teeth? Have you ever had that experience when your teeth and gums suddenly becomes in pain when you eat or drink something hot or something cold? If you often encounter this feeling, then you most probably have sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth are a common complaint of people from all ages. It is said that you have sensitive teeth when you cannot eat eats in extreme temperature without experiencing that sudden pain. While sensitive teeth are not really a disease or disorder, it would be better if you improve your teeth’s health so that you can eat your favorite snacks more freely.

One of the hardest substances in the human body is actually found on the teeth. This is the enamel that covers up the teeth themselves. When this outer cover of the teeth becomes thinner or damaged, the dentine layer of the teeth becomes more exposed. This dentine area is the most sensitive part of the teeth because there are nerves in this part. That is why, if your enamel has weaken over time and the dentine gets exposed, your teeth will have sensitive reaction towards hot and cold food. So if you want to get rid of sensitive teeth, consider improving your teeth’s structure. Here are some things you can do to fix this problem.

Observe proper oral hygiene

Your teeth may weaken because of poor oral hygiene. So if you want to restore your damage teeth, always brush after eating a meal, gargle mouthwash and use dental floss. Do not forget the regular visit to the dentist. You should visit the dentist at least twice a year. But for people, who have sensitive teeth like you, take more trips to the dentist’s clinic.

Use dentist recommended toothpaste and toothbrush

When it comes to taking care of your hygiene, never settle for less. There are loads of products that you can buy in the market but only a few of them really gets the job well done. When it comes to toothpaste, you should always choose branded ones that are dentist recommended. Do not just buy an item because of its cheap price because its contents may also be poor in quality as well. Choose and use toothpaste that is guaranteed to work. Buy those products that are specially produced by known manufacturing companies for sensitive teeth.

Aside from toothpaste, you should also buy toothbrush that are finely made. Choose ones that have soft bristles so that you will not hurt your teeth and gums when brushing. Change your toothbrush every one or two months.

Massage your gums

Although your sensitive teeth are caused by weak teeth coating, your gums might also be affected by it. So whenever you brush your teeth, using the back of your toothbrush, try to massage your gums. Gently press the back of the brush against your gums. This will help relax your gums and improve the blood circulation inside it.

Do not eat hard foods

If you are a person who love to eat candy and other rock hard foods, then you should avoid consuming them. This is because chewing or sucking on hard foods can damage your teeth enamel. When the enamel becomes scratched, then you are up for tooth sensitivity.

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