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How To Get Rid Of Sewer Roaches

Do you face the problem of sewer roaches infiltration? Do you get very frightened whenever you pass by the drainage areas of your house and see lots of cockroaches feasting around? If you often encounter sewer roaches around your household, then most probably, there is a problem with your sewage system. Sewer roaches, as the name implies, are actually a species of cockroaches that love to linger around dirty and moist environment, such as sewers and drainage. Sewer roaches are the largest of its type and are very harmful. They bring lots of bacteria and viruses so when they find their way through your house, they may spread germs around.

Because of the danger that sewer roaches brings, you should get rid of these unwanted pests as soon as possible when you encounter them. Sewer roaches can multiply rapidly so if you just let them be, they will not go away and you might face an even more difficult problem. When the first signs of these coackroach inflitration surfaces, you can try these methods to get rid of sewer roaches.

Locate their home

If you want to eradicate these roaches fast, you have to locate their home first. The most common location where you can find sewer roaches is drainage, cracks, crevices and other opening around your house. As mentioned, they particularly like moist places so began looking around the areas that are almost always damp. Once you have found where they are coming from, it will be easier to kill them.

Use boric acid

Boric acid is a very effective weapon against sewer roaches. It is extremely poisonous to them so when the roach consumes even a small amount of boric acid, it is most likely to die. The boric acid will dehydrate the sewer roaches and even attack its nervous system. Simply sprinkle some boric acid directly on the lair of the sewer roaches. You can also sprinkle boric acid around the area where you usually see sewer roaches. However, be careful when using boric acid because it contains chemicals that are not really friendly to a human’s health as well. If you have little children or pets, be sure to keep them out of places where the boric acid is.

Clean your lot

While you might be able to kill the sewer roaches with boric acid, it is not 100% sure that they will be gone forever. If you really do not want to deal with these unwanted insects in the future anymore, you should clean you lot regularly. Vacuum around the areas where there are lots of dusts. Wipe the floor and furniture. You might also want to consider sprinkling boric acid on your carpets and rags because once the sewer roaches pass by them, the bacteria that they carry will stick to the carpet fibers. Simply sprinkle some boric acid and then vacuum it up after letting it sit overnight.

Clean your drainage system

If your drainage is already full of grime and dirt, not only sewer roaches will be attracted, but also other harmful pests. To ensure your family’s safety and your clean environment, you should clean your drainage system every now and then. This will not just discourage sewer roaches from going to your lot, but it will also improve your drainage system overall.

Call exterminator

For problems that cannot be solved by home remedies, there is always the exterminator to help you.  Check out services such as Service Magic that can help you find the lowest quote in your area.

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